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A Message To Our Students

April 9, 2020

In order to maximize social distancing protocols, College leadership has determined a need to limit inside access to our Main and Dillingham Center campuses to essential employee personnel only.

This will be effective Monday, April 13 through May 1. We will reassess this in late April.

The College is not closed and business operation continue. However, delivery of some services –  access to skills lab computers and to student services transactions in particular – is changed.

We remind students having Internet access issues that portions of our front parking lot (see our website for locations) now provide wi-fi. Students are welcome to access online services outside our campus.

If you are otherwise struggling, call your instructors or tutors. They can assist you over the telephone or through video-conferencing.

Additionally, the College has provided drop boxes on both the Main Campus and the Dillingham Center to facilitate document exchanges between students and College personnel.

We regret these changes but we must avoid face-to-face interactions wherever possible.

We remind you to check your ACCess email accounts frequently and visit our web site for updated communications regarding the coronavirus and College response.

We also remind you to practice social distancing protocols.

March 30, 2020: An Update from Dr. Gatewood can be read here.

March 20, 2020

Dear College Community,

ACC President Algie C. Gatewood

ACC President Algie C. Gatewood

Next Monday, March 23, our students, staff, faculty, and administration will enter a brave new world of virtual instruction that is college-wide and unprecedented.

This transition has been a tremendous undertaking, one that has consumed the past week for College employees. I am greatly appreciative for everyone’s efforts.

I am also reminded of the old saying “May you live in interesting times” – a rueful saying that carries with it much irony. Yes, we really are living in an interesting time, a time that will challenge us, test us, and strengthen us.

The College is not closed. Our business operations continue. For most of us, our work continues remotely or on a staggered basis. This is to optimize social distancing.

Our plan is to utilize online instruction for two weeks and then reassess virtual delivery before that two-week period expires April 4.

We have added a Frequently-Asked-Questions document from HR to the website, addressing queries from faculty and staff. Feel free to share with your supervisor additional questions that we should consider. I remind everyone that our Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet next week and will consider policy changes that will guide our response to the coronavirus outbreak.  

As of today, March 20, there are 139 reported cases of the coronavirus in North Carolina, including the first case in Alamance County. I am told that individual is isolated from others and doing well.

We have been further advised that testing has increased across our county and our state, and we can expect the number of reported cases to rise.

We activated our Emergency Operations Plan last week and we are continuing to coordinate with the Alamance County Health Department, the Alamance County Emergency Management, and appropriate state agencies in monitoring the situation locally and across North Carolina.

To our students, I ask that they regularly check their ACCess email accounts and monitor our web site for updates. I would further ask that they practice routine hand-washing and practice good social distancing in their respective environments.

I ask faculty and staff to be nimble next week as we navigate these interesting times. I am confident our students and College employees will rise to this challenge and learn something about themselves that only interesting times can impart.

You will find on the College website updated information and advice regarding the coronavirus at  And because what is reported in the media is often conflicting, we suggest the CDC as a reliable source of information.  Visit the CDC website here.


signature of Algie C Gatewood
Dr. Algie C. Gatewood
Alamance Community College President


March 17, 2020

Dear ACC students,

ACC President Algie C. Gatewood

ACC President Algie C. Gatewood

COVID-19 continues to impact our everyday lives as the College works to transition our programs and students into an online environment.

I want to thank our students for their patience and perseverance in navigating an online world in which some may not be entirely comfortable. Your education is important. Your success is equally important.

College leadership reports that we are making significant progress this week in that online transition. I’m confident we will be ready to deliver instruction next Monday, March 23. Our plan is to operate in this fashion for two weeks, reassessing virtual delivery before that two-week period expires April 4.

The one-week spring break extension serves two purposes: 1) it allows us time to transition online and 2) it strongly signals the College’s advocacy of social distancing. Indeed, social distancing – standing six feet away from others and not congregating in groups of 10 or more – is likely our best line of defense against spreading the coronavirus. 

To reiterate: our College is not closed. Business operations – including advising and registration – will continue. 

If you do not have a computer, you may come to campus and use computers in our library or our learning labs.

If you do not have Internet access, notify your instructor so that he or she can begin crafting alternative assignments or activities.

If you don’t know how to navigate Moodle, please avail yourself of the following services:

As a reminder, during the extended Spring Break, online courses will continue in Moodle. Second eight-week online courses began March 16. Students who are currently taking online courses will continue their studies as usual during the week of March 16-20. This includes the online portion of hybrid courses. Please log into Moodle and continue your work.

Additionally, we will address alternatives for clinicals, practicums, and work-based learning. Expect additional advisories next week.

We envision an initial two-week remote instruction plan from March 23 – April 4. This will be re-evaluated before that two-week period expires.

The corona virus situation is rapidly evolving and the College must transition accordingly. We ask that our students remain patient, flexible, diligent and engaged with the College.

Students, be aware that all communication from Alamance Community College will be sent to your ACCess email.  You must check your email frequently in order to succeed in your classes, especially during this time of transition. 

Here’s how to log in:

  • Visit Gmail and sign in using your full ACCess address, which follows this format:
  • Always type in the full email address, including “” when logging in to your ACCess email account.  
  • If you are already logged into another Gmail account, simply choose to Add another account (here’s how).  This will allow you to switch back and forth between Gmail accounts without logging in and out.
  • We strongly recommend turning on notifications for this email address while you’re enrolled in online courses with ACC.  At minimum, log in and check your ACCess email daily.
  • You can bookmark this page for easy reference:

Password trouble? 

Reset here from a desktop browser:
(not recommended for use with mobile devices)

When you change your password, it will reset for the following services:

  • ACCess Email
  • Moodle
  • Self Service

Need additional assistance?

If you are experiencing issues and require technical assistance, you can file a support ticket at; Use a personal (non-ACCess) email address when creating the ticket.  Please understand that our team is working diligently to facilitate the college-wide transition to online courses, and may require more time than normal before they are able to respond.

As of this communication (March 17), there are currently 41 reported cases of coronavirus across the state, none yet reported in Alamance County.


signature of Algie C Gatewood

Dr. Algie Gatewood
Alamance Community College President