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Message from the ACC President

September 23, 2022

Dear College Community,

Dr. Algie Gatewood

Dr. Algie Gatewood

It is always a pleasure to highlight one of our own at ACC. Today I want to briefly call your attention to David Crane, a longtime history instructor who has been busy the last few years with some projects that correlate to what he teaches his students about the Civil Rights Movement. This week David had his latest book published: Making the Movement: Material Culture of the Civil Rights Movement. It is a historical monograph and the first ever to focus on the material culture of the Civil Rights Movement – a book that complements his personal collection of Civil Rights memorabilia that he has exhibited. I have reviewed this book and find it to be an exceptional piece of work with historical value that exceeds my expectations. Congratulations, David!

Now let’s focus on where we stand on the COVID-19 situation.

North Carolina recorded 3,182,775 COVID-19 cases from March 1, 2020 to September 17, 2022.

Variants of Concern Detected in NC Over Last 2 Weeks

Please note that a new variant has been reported and marks its debut in this list. The CDC first reported BF.7 as a subvariant of BA.5. Now, because of its rapid growth, the agency placed it in its own category.

BA.2      1 case
BA.2.12.1  1 case
BA.2.75 9 cases
BA.4  29 cases
BA.4.6 95 cases
BA.5 505 cases
BF.7 6 cases

Alamance County – The County has reported 405 positive cases over the last seven days, with 17 hospitalized over the same period. The positivity rate dropped slightly to 16% since last week. The community level remains at “Medium” as of Sept. 22.

ACC Campus – Here on the ACC campus we had eight positive COVID cases over the past week which brings our September tally to 33; 26 of those were vaccinated and seven were unvaccinated. The College has no confirmed COVID cluster at this time. 

To update our monthly numbers, here is a summary of positive COVID cases on our campus for 2022 thus far:

  • January: 163
  • February: 38
  • March: 6
  • April: 10
  • May: 28
  • June: 30
  • July: 12
  • August: 46
  • September: 33

MONKEYPOX – As of this week, North Carolina had reported 512 cases of monkeypox, an increase of 111 additional cases since our last report. Comparatively, the U.S. as a whole has reported 24,572 thus far. In the Southeast, Georgia has 1,723; South Carolina 153; and Virginia 452. 

The attached document provides additional information regarding ACC’s COVID-19 Protocols and COVID/Monkeypox testing and vaccinations/boosters.

Please consider that the virus is still active and I encourage you to wear a mask while in sizable groups.

Stay positive. Test Negative. Show Compassion.

Algie …

Dr. Algie C. Gatewood

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