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Availability of Medical Aid on Campus

Alamance Community College does not have a staff physician or nurse. However, Campus Public Safety Officers are trained in CPR, first aid and the use of automated external defibrillators (AED).

Reporting Illness/Injury

All injuries and/or accidents that occur on ACC property must be reported to the Department of Public Safety immediately so that proper assistance may be provided and properly documented.

Report ALL injuries/accidents to the Department of Public Safety by calling 336-506-4286.

Minor Illness/Injury

For minor illness, recommend to the patient to go home or see their personal physician. If the patient is too sick or injured to leave on his/her own, help arrange transportation. Under no circumstances should staff or faculty transport ill or injured persons. A patient’s condition may worsen during transportation beyond your capability to handle. For minor injuries, contact Campus Public Safety at 336-5064286 for assistance.

Major Illness/Injury

  1. Call 9-911 and/or 336-5064286 to report the medical emergency. Stay on the phone and answer questions from the operator.
  2. Campus Public Safety  will  come  to  your  location  as  well  as  direct responding Emergency Medical Services to the scene.
  3. Stay with  the  patient  and  keep  them  still  and  comfortable  until an officer arrives.
  4. Render whatever aid you are trained to perform until relieved by higher trained medical personnel.
Remember to:
  • remain calm,
  • stay on the line, 
  • give your location so that help can arrive quickly.

Blood and Body Fluids

  1. When responding to illnesses or injuries where blood or body fluids are present, do not come in contact with either due to the risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens.
  2. Call the Campus Public Safety, 336-5064286 to report the presence of blood or body fluids. Arrangements will be made for a biohazard cleanup.