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Online Course Readiness Assessment

Interested in taking online courses? Complete the Online Course Readiness Assessment to test your knowledge about online instruction. The assessment will provide feedback and suggestions based on your answers.


  1. Before you can take online curriculum courses at ACC, you must follow the admissions and testing process and register for courses.  To begin this process go to Applying and Testing at Alamance Community College
  2. Once you’ve complete the admissions, testing, and registration process; you should set up your ACCess userID and login to your email account.  This is the email account that your instructor will use to communicate with you throughout your Moodle course. To complete this process:
    • Go to
    • Fill out the form and submit. Remember your ACCess userID and password.
    • Login to your ACCess Email through and choose “sign in” (you may need to temporarily log out of any other Gmail accounts first.  Use your full school email address – –  and the password you set in Guardian.)
  3. Next, log in to Moodle on the first day of your semester.  The online or hybrid courses for which you are registered will appear in Moodle so that you can get started.

Please Note: Usernames are constructed using the name that you used when you originally registered at Alamance Community College. This is necessary in an effort to preserve all historical and future transactions for a single individual. It is also necessary to remain with the original name submitted in an effort to avoid problems created by duplicate records (one student, two names, two records).

Not sure what type of distance education course is right for you? We have several types to choose from depending on your schedule and specific educational needs. Learn more about the types of online courses offered at ACC.

  • Online “E” – Course with 100% of instruction delivered via the Internet (Example: BUS 225 01E)
  • Live Interaction “EL” – Online courses combined with virtual live class meetings. Assignments are completed online outside of the class session by due dates.
  • Hybrid “H” – Face-to-face (seated) course combined with required online assignments/tasks. Face-to-face meeting times will be determined by each department. Students who register for a hybrid course must have access to the Internet and be able to complete assigned course activities online in addition to meeting on scheduled class days. (Example: HIS 131 03H)
  • Web-Assisted “W” – Course is delivered face-to-face with a requirement that students have Internet access as a way to complete assigned tasks online. (Example: COM 110 01W)

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Moodle: Where to Find Your Online Courses

All ACC online courses are taught using the Moodle learning management system.
You can type the following URL into the address bar located at the top of your browser window to access the Moodle server:
You may login to Moodle before the first day of class, but your online and hybrid courses will not be visible until noon the very first day of each semester.  You may login using the navigation at the top of this page or by going to

Choose Log In.  Type in your username and password. Web-enhanced courses might not be turned on until on or after the first class meeting. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see your Web-enhanced courses available in Moodle on the first day of the semester.

Note:  In the event that the college Web site is down, you can type the following URL into the address bar located at the top of your browser window to access the Moodle server: You should write this down and store it in a safe place.


Online Student Orientation

The Online Student Orientation provides an overview of what to expect in online and hybrid courses.  You can access the orientation using the following link.

Online Student Orientation

Questions? Contact Us.

Jennifer Jones
Distance Learning Director

Distance Learning Office
Main Building, Room A305 and A Building, Room A318