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outside basketball court

Sports Court

  1. Enter and play at your own risk
  2. Open play is available to students, faculty, and staff during court hours and when group reservations are not in effect.
  3. No hanging from rims, nets, or goal supports.
  4. No bikes, rollerblades, roller skates, or skate boards allowed. No hockey on the court.
  5. No vehicles allowed on the court surface except for maintenance or emergency.
  6. No food or drink, except water, on the court surface.
  7. No glass containers on the court surface.
  8. No sunflower seeds, gum, or spitting on the court surface.
  9. No tobacco products allowed on the court surface.
  10. No littering. Please remove all trash to the receptacle provided.
  11. No painting, chalking, taping, or other adhesive material shall be placed on the court surface.
  12. No attaching items to the basketball goals.
  13. No use of personal sound systems (unless previously approved for college events).
  14. All policies as stated in the Student Code of Conduct are in effect while on the courts. Courts may be closed at any time due to safety related concerns.
Failure to comply with these rules may result in loss of court privileges.


In case of emergency, injuries, or damages call the Office of Public Safety:

336-506-4286 (day)  |  336-260-9203 (evening or weekends)