(November 22, 2023) – Alamance Community College received an excellent report for its reaffirmation of accreditation without any recommendations for improvement by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools-Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

The report by the eight-member peer team from SACSCOC following an on-campus visit in mid-November means the institution is in good standing with its regional accrediting agency. The College is not required to undergo another reaffirmation for another ten years, provided it continues to follow all principles and standards required by the Department of Education and SACSCOC.

Educational institutions are required to reaffirm their accreditation every ten years. ACC last underwent this process in 2013.

“ACC’s successful accreditation visit is a testimony to the hard work of numerous employees over many years to make sure that we follow best practices. This decision by the accreditation team is a seal of approval indicating that ACC is a high-quality institution focused on student success,” said Dr. Connie Wolfe, Executive Vice President at the college.

ACC’s reaffirmation process began last March with a lengthy self-written, documented compliance report by the College addressing 75 standards. After SACSCOC reviewed the report, an on-site peer team comprised of eight community college presidents and administrators from Texas, Alabama and Florida visited the Alamance campus the week of November 13-16 to assess the college and ensure it meets all standards. Among these is the all-important Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), a plan to improve student success over a five-year period. ACC faculty, staff, and students selected student mental health as the topic for the College’s plan. The visiting accreditation team approved the College’s proposal to improve student success through enhanced and integrated mental health awareness, support, and services. ACC will implement a series of activities to support student mental health, including the creation of a Student Support Center and appointing a Wellness Director.

Officially, the SACSCOC Board of Trustees will vote on approving ACC’s accreditation for another ten years in June 2024. The QEP runs from 2024 through 2029.

ACC’s reaffirmation of its accreditation signifies that the College has resources, programs, and specific educational objectives to accomplish and sustain its mission consistent with the standards of good practice in higher education. Consequently, it ensures that ACC students are permitted to transfer to accredited four-year colleges and universities.

The accreditation is also important because it means ACC maintains its authority to offer federal financial aid, which is utilized by more than 75% of ACC students, according to the College’s Student Development Office.