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What is C-STEP?
C-STEP stands for the Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program. C-STEP is a co-admissions program between UNC-Chapel Hill and Alamance Community College. In the program, you will complete your Associate in Arts or Science degree at ACC before transferring to UNC to complete your Bachelor’s degree. If accepted into C-STEP, you are guaranteed admissions to UNC provided you meet all requirements. While in C-STEP, you will be able to receive support from ACC and UNC advisors, attend special events at UNC, and form great friendships that will last through your time at UNC.

Who is eligible for C-STEP?
High school seniors or current community college students with 30 or less credit hours who plan to complete an Associates in Arts or Science degree while maintaining a 3.2 GPA while at Alamance Community College. Potential candidates should also qualify for federal financial aid. The screening process for candidates is comprehensive and holistic. Among other factors, it considers demonstrated ability to overcome obstacles, first-generation college status, diversity, employment history, and family responsibilities.

What are the requirements of the program?
The goal of this program is to assist community college students in making the transition to the university setting. Therefore, students who are admitted to C-STEP are required to participate in program activities and events both at ACC at UNC after transferring.

These events include cultural events, social activities, academic development workshops, professional development workshops, advising sessions, tours of the UNC campus, and campus service activities. The purposes of these activities are to help the student develop leadership skills, social skills, and academic skills. These skills will provide the student with a greater potential for success at UNC and in his/her professional life.

Students admitted to the program will sign an agreement committing themselves to full participation in these activities. Admission to UNC is contingent on completion of the associate degree at ACC with at least a 3.2 cumulative GPA, completion of three semesters of a foreign language, completion of specified physical education and communication courses, and completion of program activities. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the student not being admitted to UNC.

While at ACC, C-STEP students are expected to conduct themselves with honor and integrity. Any cheating, plagiarism, or misconduct by a student in the program may result in dismissal from the program and loss of the guarantee of admission to UNC.

What is the application process?

To apply to the C-STEP program, students will need to complete the application available at https://admissions.unc.edu/apply/types-of-applications/c-step/. Students will need to complete all sections and upload all documents including writing two essays, submitting all high school and college transcripts, and requesting two letters of recommendation. The application must be complete including submission of letters of recommendation by the application deadline. Before enrollment, C-STEP students will sign a letter of understanding and intent agreeing to all Program requirements and rules. After signing the letter of understanding and intent, students should meet with Zak Mathews or Julie Trotter, co-advisors for the C-STEP program.

When is the Application Deadline?

There are two application deadlines:

April 1:   Any high school senior graduating in the Spring should apply by April 1st. Current ACC students who will be spending at least one more year at ACC may also apply during this period. All applicants will be notified of UNC’s decision by late April.

October 1:   This is a second application deadline for current ACC students who may have recently heard about the C-STEP program or decided that the C-STEP program I is a good fit for them. Only applicants with fewer than 30 credit hours will be considered. All applicants will be notified of UNC’s decision by late October.

Zak Mathews
CSTEP Co-Advisor
Office: 392 Main Building
336-506-4016 (office)

Julie Trotter
CSTEP Co-Advisor
Office: 211 “B” Building
336-506-4022 (office)