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Dual-Admission Program with North Carolina State University


nc state university logoThe Community College Collaboration (C3) is a dual-admission, dual-enrollment program between N.C. State and Alamance Community College (ACC).

C3 provides support for students during their time at ACC and prepares them for transferring to N.C. State.  Admitted students will have the opportunity to use N.C. State’s student information system and online advising systems, speak with an academic advisor at both institutions, and participate in specialized C3 activities.

Students who can apply include:

C3 is open to students immediately after completing high school or for community college students who have completed less than 30 credit hours of college work.

Participants must be from low-to-moderate income households.

Time Frame:

C3 students will have up to three years to complete their Associate of Arts (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.), or Associate of Engineering (A.E.) degree at the partner community college.

Dual Enrollment:Smiling students with NC State mascot

C3 students will be dually-enrolled in the associate degree program at ACC and at N.C. State as a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) student.

Guaranteed Admission:

After completion of the A.A., A.S., or A.E. degree and maintenance of a 3.0 or better GPA, C3 participants are guaranteed admission to N.C. State. Entry into specific majors may be more competitive.







Visit C3 for more information and how to apply to the program.

N.C. State University

or contact:

Sarah Bergmann
C3 Coordinator
Alamance Community College