Guilford College

Guilford College is a liberal arts school in Greensboro, North Carolina providing tomorrow’s leaders with the innovative problem-solving skills, experiences, and global perspectives to actively create change in the world. Guilford is guided by their Quaker heritage, instilling in all of us: community, equality, integrity, peace and simplicity.

Guilford College will guarantee transfer admission, waiver of application fee, acceptance of maximum of 64 community college credits that have Guilford College equivalents, and grant full junior status to all graduates of designated Alamance Community College Associate Degree programs who have followed applicable Guilford College prescribed course selections while completing Alamance Community College program requirements, and earned a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.50.

Majors Available Through Articulated Credit with Guilford CollegeGuilfordcollegelogo

logo-pdf-mini Accounting
logo-pdf-mini African American Studies and History
logo-pdf-mini Business Administration
logo-pdf-mini Criminal Justice
logo-pdf-mini Community and Justice Studies
logo-pdf-mini Computer Technology and Information Systems
logo-pdf-mini Elementary Education and Psychology
logo-pdf-mini Forensic Accounting
logo-pdf-mini Forensic Biology
logo-pdf-mini History
logo-pdf-mini Political Science
logo-pdf-mini Psychology
logo-pdf-mini Religous Studies