Elon University

Alamance Community College has signed an articulation agreement with Elon University.  Elon University will guarantee transfer admission, waiver of application fee, acceptance of a maximum of 65 community college credits that have Elon University equivalency, and grant full junior status to all graduates of designated Alamance Community College Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree programs.  Students transferring to Elon University from ACC must earn a high school diploma or GED, follow the applicable Elon University prescribed course selections while completing ACC’s program requirements, and graduate from ACC with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.70.

Students must complete the Elon Core Curriculum, at least one major, and a minimum 132 total semester hours in order to earn a bachelor’s degree from Elon University.  ACC graduates will have a maximum of 73 credit hours remanding for degree completion depending on the major selected once transferring to Elon University.