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The mission of the Alamance Scholars program is to create a sustainable and diverse teacher pipeline for Alamance County public schools with the goal of retaining local citizens as educators in our community. 

Program Overview

The Alamance Scholars Program is a partnership between Elon University, Alamance Community College (ACC), and Alamance-Burlington School System (ABSS).  Students attend ACC and Elon University to earn both an Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree to become a PK-12 teacher.

Candidates may enter the Alamance Scholars Program through two pathways. First, candidates may enter while a student in ABSS. Second, candidates may enter while enrolled at ACC. Candidates will attend both ACC and Elon, and have a desire to work in the Alamance-Burlington School System.  


To improve the pipeline and opportunities to become a PK-12 teacher in ABSS;
To increase opportunities for people of the Alamance community to further their education;
To increase the number of highly qualified diverse equity-minded teachers in our community;
To acknowledge teachers are an important part of our success as a community.

Benefits of being an Alamance Scholar:

  • Guaranteed employment within the Alamance-Burlington School System
  • Dual academic advising from ACC and Elon University 
  • Scholarship and grant opportunities at ACC and Elon University
  • Associate degree from ACC 
  • Bachelor’s degree from Elon with eligibility for NC Teaching License 
  • At Elon, reduced tuition rate supplemented by grants and scholarships for eligible candidates.
  • At ACC, access to grants and scholarships.

Possible majors:

  • Elementary Education
  • Middle Grades (English Language Arts, math, social studies, or science concentration)
  • Elementary Education with Special Education*
  • Elementary Education with a Pre-Kindergarten add on license*
  • Elementary Education with Teaching English as a second language*
  • Secondary majors are also available.

*Please contact an Elon advisor to discuss programs of studies related to these programs.

Alamance Scholars Fact Sheet

image of alamance scholars flyer - click to download the PDF

Click to download the Alamance Scholars Program informational flyer (English + Español) (PDF)

Alamance Scholar students must attend ACC before transferring to Elon University.

Students who want to attend Elon University for all 4-years can apply for standard admission to the School of Education and will not be considered an Alamance Scholar. 

For more information on this program, please visit the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education site.

Tuition & Fees

The goal of this program is that teacher candidates who graduate from this program will finish with a reasonable debt amount. Student debt may vary based on the type of education degree received and access to scholarships and grants.

The tuition & fees rate does not account for room and board costs. 

Application to Teacher Education

Candidates must apply for teacher education at Elon University. Further information can be found on the Elon’s Teacher Education website

Teacher Licensure

Graduates must apply for teacher licensure at the completion of the program. This process is facilitated by the Elon School of Education. The state of North Carolina has additional requirements for licensure, including licensure tests and a clear background check. Additionally, there is a cost for the licensure application.

Alamance Scholars Program Interest Application

Interested candidates should submit the Alamance Scholars Program Interest Application found here.  The application requires candidates to be signed into Google.  If the candidate does not have access to Google, please contact Kristina Ketcham at kaketcham539@alamancecc.edu.

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