Fall 2020 Registration August 10-14th – Click Here

Registration, the process of scheduling your classes, is done each semester for the upcoming term.  Meeting with your advisor and registering early will increase your chances of getting the courses of your choice:

Course Schedule


Before registering

  • Correspond with an academic advisor to discuss your program of study and select courses for the upcoming term.  (Find your advisor through these instructions)
  • Make sure that you do not have any registration holds on your student account. Registration “holds” are such things as parking fines, Financial Aid charges, book or equipment fines that will prevent you from being able to register for courses.
  • Determine the earliest possible date that you can register.  You may contact the Admissions Office (336-506-4270) for questions about your registration priority group.

Registering for classes

Once your registration window opens, you can register for courses for the upcoming semester in one of the following ways:

New Students:

  • After corresponding with an admissions counselor to discuss your program of study, you can register online using Self-Service once you have been advised. Instructions for web registration are found on the main student page of Self-Service. Click here to access the Registration Handbook for Students.  Admissions counselors may assist you during your first semester at ACC. 

Currently Enrolled Students:

  • Correspond with your academic advisor.  You can find your advisor’s name in your Self-Service account.  Once you have been advised, you should register online using Self-Service.

After registering

  • Pay your bill. You can view your account balance and pay your bill (or set up a payment plan) on Self-Service. Payments may also be made at the Cashier’s Office in the Gee Building, 1st floor.
  • If you are a new student, attend a new student orientation if you have not done so already.
  • Purchase your textbooks. Visit the ACC Bookstore to view textbook requirements or purchase your textbooks.
  • If you need to make a schedule adjustment, you can do so through the advertised final registration period. Registration dates, including the last dates to drop and add courses, are posted on the campus calendar. You should make every effort to ensure your schedule is set prior to the first day of class.
  • If you wish to drop a course during the semester, you must use the ACC Drop Form. Your instructor must complete a portion of the drop form before you submit it to the Student Success Office for processing if you are dropping after the 10% point of class. Check the campus calendar for the last date to drop a course with a WP each semester.


Summer/Fall 2020 Registration & Important Dates

April 20 Registration opens at 12:01am for degree-seeking students with 50+ earned credit hours, veterans, and Tech Hire students.
April 22 Registration opens for new and returning students with less than 50 earned credit hours.
May 15 Registration closes for summer semester at 11:30am.  Payment deadline for summer semester at 12 noon. 
May 18 Summer semester begins.  Drop/add for currently enrolled students.
Aug. 10 No campus registration.  Self-Service registration temporarily closes at 4:30pm.  Payment deadline at 5:00pm for fall registrations through Aug. 10.
Aug. 11 Self-Service registration re-opens at 10:00am.
Aug. 14 Registration closes for fall 16-week classes at 2:30pm.  Payment deadline at 3:00pm for registrations since Aug. 11. 
Aug. 17 Fall semester begins.
Aug. 17 Drop/add for currently enrolled students.
Aug. 18 Drop/add for currently enrolled students.
Aug. 19 Drop/add for currently enrolled students.
Aug. 20 Drop/add for currently enrolled students.


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