Watermark Student Success and Engagement (formerly called Aviso) is an early alert retention system used by Alamance Community College faculty, staff and students to help increase student success. Students should login to Watermark to access your Success Team including your academic advisor and your success coach! Your login for Watermark uses your ACC email address and your ACC password. If you are already logged in to your ACC email, you will be automatically logged in to Watermark!

Note: Students, Faculty & Staff access Watermark through the same login link below.

Watermark Login

Watermark Student Success & Engagement


Students can also download the Watermark Student Mobile App! 

Watermark Student Mobile App


Watermark Alerts

The purpose of the alerts in Watermark is to help the student and the student’s Success Team  stay up to date about the student’s progress in their courses. Sending out alerts early gives the students more time to improve their grades before the end of the semester. There are three main types of alerts:

Staff-Initiated Alerts: Faculty post staff-initiated alerts when they are concerned about how a student is doing in their class. This alert goes to the student and to the academic advisor and success coach (if applicable). 

Automatic Grade Alerts: At regular intervals throughout each semester, there will be automatic grade alerts based on the students’ grades in the Moodle gradebook. These alerts go to the student and to the academic advisor and success coach (if applicable). 

Automatic Attendance Alerts: Watermark will also send out an automatic alert any time a student misses two classes. 

Fall 2023 Automatic Alerts Schedule

Grade Alert #1 Grades finalized September 11th Alerts visible September 12th
Grade Alert #2 Grades finalized October 9th Alerts visible October 10th
Grade Alert #3 Grades finalized November 7th Alerts visible November 8th