Associate in Science

In order to complete the Associate in Science degree at Alamance Community College, students must earn 60 hours of college credit in the categories listed in the table. All students must complete at least 34 hours from the Universal General Education Transfer Component list of courses. As part of their degree, students are required to complete 32 credit hours of math, science or computer courses in the categories listed in the table.

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  1. Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC)
    1. English Composition (6 semester hours required)
      1. ENG-111 Writing and Inquiry
      2. ENG-112 Writing and Research in the Disciplines
    2. Humanities/Fine Arts (6 semester hours required)
      1. ART-111 Art Appreciation
      2. ART-114 Art History Survey I
      3. ART-115 Art History Survey II
      4. COM-120 Intro to Interpersonal Communication
      5. COM-231 Public Speaking
      6. DRA-111 Theatre Appreciation
      7. ENG-231 American Literature I
      8. ENG-232 American Literature II
      9. ENG-241 British Literature I
      10. ENG-242 British Literature II
      11. MUS-110 Music Appreciation
      12. MUS-112 Introduction to Jazz
      13. PHI-215 Philosophical Issues
      14. PHI-240 Introduction to Ethics
    3. Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 semester hours required)
      1. ECO-251 Principles of Microeconomics
      2. ECO-252 Principles of Macroeconomics
      3. HIS-111 World Civilizations I
      4. HIS-112 World Civilizations II
      5. HIS-131 American History I
      6. HIS-132 American History II
      7. POL-120 American Government
      8. PSY-150 General Psychology
      9. SOC-210 Introduction to Sociology
    4. Natural Sciences (8 semester hours of sequenced courses required)
      1. BIO-111 General Biology I
      2. BIO-112 General Biology II
      3. CHM-151 General Chemistry I
      4. CHM-152 General Chemistry II
      5. PHY-151 College Physics I
      6. PHY-152 College Physics II
      7. PHY-251 General Physics I
      8. PHY-252 General Physics II
    5. Mathematics (8 semester hours required)
      1. MAT-171 Precalculus Algebra
      2. MAT-172 Precalculus Trigonometry
      3. MAT-263 Brief Calculus
      4. MAT-271 Calculus I
      5. MAT-272 Calculus II
    6. Total Universal General Education Transfer Component: 34 semester hours
  2. Additional General Education Hours - Take additional hours from the UGETC list or from the following general education courses. At least 8 hours must be science, math, or computer courses.
    1. General Education: Science/Math Requirement (8 hours). Choose courses from the UGETC list or from the following courses.
      1. BIO-130 Introductory Zoology
      2. BIO-140 Environmental Biology
      3. BIO-140A Environmental Biology Lab
      4. BIO-140A Environmental Biology Lab
      5. CHM-251 Organic Chemistry I
      6. GEL-111 Geology
      7. PHY-110 Conceptual Physics
      8. PHY-110A Conceptual Physics Lab
      9. MAT-152 Statistical Methods I
      10. MAT-273 Calculus III
    2. Additional General Education Hours (3 hours). Choose a course from the UGETC list or from the following courses.
      1. Computer Science
        1. CIS-110 Introduction to Computers
        2. CIS-115 Introduction to Programming and Logic
      2. English
        1. ENG-114 Professional Research & Reporting
      3. Humanities
        1. COM-110 Introduction to Communication
        2. HUM-115 Critical Thinking
        3. HUM-122 Southern Culture
        4. HUM-130 Myth in Human Culture
        5. HUM-150 American Women's Studies
        6. HUM-160 Introduction to Film
        7. REL-110 World Religions
        8. REL-211 Introduction to Old Testament
        9. REL-212 Introduction to New Testament
        10. SPA-111 Elementary Spanish I
        11. SPA-112 Elementary Spanish II
        12. SPA-211 Intermediate Spanish I
        13. SPA-212 Intermediate Spanish II
      4. Social and Behavioral Sciences
        1. PSY-241 Developmental Psychology
        2. PSY-281 Abnormal Psychology
        3. SOC-213 Sociology of the Family
        4. SOC-220 Social Problems
    3. Total Additional General Education Hours Required: 11 semester hours
  3. Additional Elective Hours - (14 hours required)
    1. Choose from general education courses or the electives listed here.
      1. BIO-155 Nutrition
      2. BIO-168 Anatomy and Physiology I
      3. BIO-169 Anatomy and Physiology II
      4. BIO-250 Genetics
      5. BIO-275 Microbiology
      6. CHM-252 Organic Chemistry II
      7. CSC-151 JAVA Programming
      8. EGR-150 Intro to Engineering
      9. ENG-273 African-American Literature
      10. GIS-111 Introduction to GIS
      11. HEA-110 Personal Health/Wellness
      12. HIS-163 The World Since 1945
      13. HIS-221 African-American History
      14. HIS-236 North Carolina History
      15. HUM-230 Leadership Development
      16. MAT-285 Differential Equations
      17. MUS-131 Chorus I
      18. MUS-132 Chorus II
      19. PED-110 Fit and Well for Life
      20. PED-113 Aerobics I
      21. PED-120 Walking for Fitness
      22. PED-122 Yoga I
      23. PED-123 Yoga II
      24. PED-142 Lifetime Sports
      25. PED-232 Aikido
      26. PED-240 Advanced PE Skills
      27. POL-130 State & Local Government
      28. SOC-242 Sociology of Deviance
      29. SPA-141 Culture and Civilization
      30. SPA-181 Spanish Lab 1
      31. GEL-111 Geology
      32. SPA-221 Spanish Conversation
      33. SPA-231 Reading and Composition
    2. Total Elective Hours Required: 14 semester hours
  4. Academic Transition
  5. Total Hours Needed for Associate in Science Degree: 60 semester hours