Associate in Fine Arts: Music

Program Overview

Any ACC student with an interest in music, regardless of prior music education, may enroll in the Associate in Fine Arts–Music curriculum. Students completing this degree will obtain the musical knowledge and skills for teaching, performing, or working behind the scenes. Multiple career options are available to graduates with an associate degree in music. Areas of study include:

  • Creativity
  • Basic understanding of harmony, melody, and rhythm; versatility; communication skills; adaptability; and self-discipline.

For variety of reasons, some students have had no formal musical training prior to coming to ACC. These may include:

  • Music lessons can be expensive and musical instruments can be costly
  • Good music teachers are hard to find
  • Music is not an important part of family life

Some students are unable to realize their musical potential until after graduating from high school. Some students don’t even know that they have an aptitude for music until they’ve taken a couple of music courses at the college level. Other students may be older than traditional incoming freshmen. That’s why ACC’s Associate in Fine Arts–Music program is tailored for our student population. It can provide a background for success at a four-year university.

Not at all. For students with little or no prior musical experience, ACC offers studies in fundamentals of music and beginning lessons in applied music (individual lessons in piano, voice, winds, or percussion).

For students with more musical experience who wish to expand their musical knowledge and practical skills, ACC offers courses in music theory, aural skills, and applied music in a variety of instruments. For students with significant prior training in music, ACC offers advanced musical studies.

Students graduating from ACC with an Associate in Fine Arts in Music may seamlessly transfer to a school of music at any four-year university in the state that offers a Baccalaureate of Music (Bachelor of Music, BM)*. For any student of music, our program can provide a background for ensuring success at a four-year university.

*see Uniform Articulation Agreement below

Studying music at ACC will save you money versus doing the same at a state university:

  • UNC Greensboro: $7,406 per semester (North Carolina resident)
  • Alamance Community College: $1,231 per semester for student age 16 & up

* effective 2020-2021 academic year

Associate of Fine Arts in Music: Degree Curriculum Plan

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Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC)

Course Number     Course Title                                                               Credit Hours

English Composition (6 semester hours required)

        ENG 111                                            Writing and Inquiry                             3

        ENG 112                Writing/Research in the Disciplines                             3

Humanities/Fine Arts (3 semester hours required)

        MUS 110                                            Music Appreciation                             3

Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 semester hours required from 2 subject areas)

        ECO 251                           Principles of Microeconomics                             3

        ECO 252                          Principles of Macroeconomics                             3

        HIS 111                                            World Civilizations I                             3

        HIS 112                                          World Civilizations II                             3

        HIS 131                                               American History I                             3

        HIS 132                                              American History II                             3

        POL 120                                       American Government                             3

        PSY 150                                             General Psychology                             3

        SOC 210                                   Introduction to Sociology                             3

Natural Sciences (4 semester hours required)

        BIO 110                                            Principles of Biology                             4

        BIO 111                                                  General Biology I                             4

        CHM 151                                             General Chemistry                             4

        GEL 111                                                                 Geology                             4

        PHY 110/110A                  Conceptual Physics and Lab                             4

Mathematics (3-4 semesters hours required)

        MAT 143                                         Quantitative Literacy                             3

        MAT 171                                          Pre-calculus Algebra                             4

        Total Universal General Education Transfer Component                  22-23    

General Education: Music Requirements (14 semester hours required)

Music Courses

        MUS 121                                                    Music Theory I                             3

        MUS 122                                                  Music Theory II                             3

        MUS 125                                                        Aural Skills I                             1

        MUS 126                                                      Aural Skills II                             1

        MUS 161                                                  Applied Music I                             2

        MUS 162                                                 Applied Music II                             2

        MUS 151                                                       Class Music I                             1

        MUS 152                                                      Class Music II                             1

Ensemble (8 semester hours required)                                

        MUS 131                                                                Chorus I                             1

        MUS 132                                                               Chorus II                             1

        MUS 231                                                             Chorus III                             1

        MUS 232                                                             Chorus IV                             1

        MUS 181                                                        Show Choir I                             4

        Total Music Requirements                                                                           22          

Additional UGETC Hours (3 hours required)                  

        MUS 112                                            Introduction to Jazz                             3

Required Music Elective

        MUS 111                                      Fundamentals of Music                             3

Choose from any course listed above or from the following courses
(9 semester hours)

 ART 111                                               Art Appreciation                              3

 ART 114                                                    Art History I                              3

 ART 115                                                    Art History II                             3

 ASL 111                                American Sign Language I                              3

ASL 112                                 American Sign Language II                             3

ENG 114                      Professional Research & Reporting                             3

 ENG 125                                             Creative Writing I                             3

ENG 126                                            Creative Writing II                             3

ENG 134                                       Introduction to Poetry                             3

ENG 231                                        American Literature I                             3

ENG 232                                       American Literature II                            3

ENG 241                                             British Literature I                            3

ENG 242                                           British Literature II                             3

ENG 273                               African American Literature                             3

HEA 110                            Personal Health and Wellness                             3

HIS 211                                                 Ancient History                             3

HIS 212                                               Medieval History                             3

HIS 221                                   African American History                             3

HIS 236                                       North Carolina History                             3

HUM 115                                              Critical Thinking                             3

HUM 230                                  Leadership Development                             3

MUS-182                                                  Show Choir II                            4

MUS 261                                               Applied Music III                            2

MUS 262                                               Applied Music IV                            2

PED 110                                           Fit and Well for Life                             2

PED 113                                                         Aerobics I                             1

PED 120                                            Walking for Fitness                             1

PED 122                                                              Yoga I                             1

PED 123                                                             Yoga II                             1

PED 142                                                  Lifetime Sports                             1

PED 232                                                               Aikido                             1

PED 240                                             Advanced PE Skills                             1

PHI 215                                             Philosophical Issues                            3

PHI 240                                          Introduction to Ethics                             3

SOC 242                                        Sociology of Deviance                             3

SPA 112                                         Elementary Spanish II                             3

SPA 141                            Spanish Culture and Civilization                             3

 SPA 181                                                     Spanish Lab I                             1

 SPA 182                                                    Spanish Lab II                             1

 SPA 221                                         Spanish Conversation                             3

 SPA 231                        Spanish Reading and Composition                             3

                       Total Additional Hours Required                                    15

Academic Transition–ACA 122 College Transfer Success (Required)          1

Total Hours Needed for Associate in Fine Arts–Music               60-61

President's Testimonial

“The Associate in Fine Arts in Music program is an integral part of ACC’s well-rounded educational experience. From musical theory to show choir, it offers students a dynamic learning experience while allowing them the opportunity to follow their passion. The curriculum maintains high academic standards and prepares students to transition to a four-year university if they so choose. Music students can discover new interests and expand their musical capabilities through the innovative learning opportunities offered by the dedicated faculty under the excellent leadership of Dr. Roger Lane.” – Dr. Algie Gatewood, President

Student Testimonials

"ACC’s music program has taught me so much. I have learned so many things to help me go forward in my music career. I am so happy that I decided to further my music degree at ACC. All faculty here are so kind and helpful and are a part of my success here. I have learned so much information that will help me go further in life."
-Daria Harris

"Being born and raised in the diverse country of South Africa, I was able to experience music from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of my upbringing and eventually decided to study music in my spare time. I am grateful that the past three years of living in the United States has presented me with the opportunity to further my studies. Not only has this helped me to be more educated in this fascinating art form, but has also led me to have a deeper love and appreciation for it. One notable reason for this is the faculty and staff of ACC who are all extremely passionate about imparting knowledge to their students. Their dedication in their respective fields encourages me to pursue my goals while I continue to immerse myself in the wonderful world of music.”
-Bavesha Naidoo

"As a student in ACC’s Fine Arts Music program, my experience has been amazing since the day I walked into class. Dr. Lane is the BEST music professor in the college and he has taught me, as well as others, everything from simple solfège to transposing music lead sheets. Classes including Music Appreciation, Introduction to Jazz, and Applied Music, all have helped broaden my horizon of music, history of music, and where rhythms came from. Throughout my time in class I’ve learned about great composers of the past like Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Stravinsky, and how they have effectively influenced music of today."
-SeVariae Fulmore

"I am so glad to be in ACC’s Fine Arts Music program. I have learned multiple values that I will take through the rest of my life, like persistence in show choir and the history of music. Classes like these help students live a more fulfilling and enriched life. I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to learn from the amazing music staff at Alamance Community College. I recommend music classes to every student at this college and I am so glad I was able to create unforgettable memories in these fantastic classes.”
-Nicholas Fox

"ACC’s music program has impacted me a lot. It reminded me of why I love doing the things I do, which is to sing. I have an amazing instructor to guide me through this journey. It also gives me a chance to learn a lot of things that I didn’t know. It helps me realize that music has a strong meaning, especially to myself. Music is everything to me and it’s the reason why I wake up every day to go about my day."
-Jaylen Madden

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*Articulation Agreement between the University of North Carolina Baccalaureate of Music Programs and the North Carolina Community College System Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) in Music Programs.

The Uniform Articulation Agreement focuses on seamless transfer for students who begin music studies at a community college and then transfer to one of the University of North Carolina Bachelor of Music programs. The Associate in Fine Arts in Music to Bachelor of Music agreement is made between the State Board of the North Carolina Community College System and The University of North Carolina Board of Governors. It applies to all North Carolina community colleges that offer the Associate in Music (A10700) program and to those constituent institutions of The University of North Carolina that operate Bachelor of Music Programs. The agreement was approved by the State Board of Community Colleges on April 20, 2018 and by the UNC Board of Governors on May 22, 2018.

Memos Related to the Uniform Articulation Agreement:

AFA in Music to Baccalaureate of Music Transfer Committee

Authority to interpret AFA in Music to Baccalaureate of Music articulation agreement policy rests with the AFA in Music to Baccalaureate of Music Transfer Committee.