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The mission of University Transfer Program is to support the mission of Alamance Community College by providing a diverse student population the opportunity to complete coursework leading to fulfillment of the general education component of a four-year degree, prerequisite requirement for professional programs, and general education requirements for technical programs; and by doing so, empower lifelong learners to participate in a global society.


The University Transfer program offers eight degrees that are designed to provide students with the opportunity to complete general education requirements, the first two years of courses required for a Bachelor’s degree. These degrees include: Associate in Arts, Associate in Arts-Online Option, Associate in Arts Teacher Preparation, Associate in Engineering, Associate in Fine Arts–Music Concentration, Associate in Fine Arts–Visual Arts Concentration, Associate in Science, and Associate in Science Teacher Preparation. Each degree requires a total of 60 semester credit hours for graduation and is transferable to a UNC institution per an articulation agreement.  Along with the eight degrees offered, students can also earn a Spanish Language Certificate.

Which degree should a student earn?

Each specific degree program is designed for a student to transfer to a university that aligns with their specific career goal.  

  • The Associate in Arts is designed to emphasize the traditional liberal arts education with a focus on most degrees that are not in the STEM fields and/or in the health science field (i.e., humanities, social sciences, communication, and business).  
  • The Associate in Science is designed to emphasize the skills needed to excel in STEM fields, health science, mathematics, sciences, and similar career fields.
  • The Associate in Engineering is designed to emphasize skills needed in the pre-engineering career field.
  • The Associate in Fine Arts in Music is designed to focus on careers in music and performing arts.
  • The Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts is designed to focus on the skills needed for visual arts careers.
  • The Associate in Arts Teacher Preparation degree is designed for students who would like to become K-12 teachers specializing in Art, Language Arts/English, History, Humanities, Music, Physical Education, and Social Studies. 
  • The Associate in Science Teacher Preparation degree is designed for students who would like to become K-12 teachers specializing in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Academic Advising

Upon admission to the program, the Admissions office will assign a faculty member to serve as an academic advisor.  Students are required to meet with an advisor each semester prior to registration for the following semester.  Students should work with their advisor to select courses that best aligned with the student’s educational goals, intended major, and transfer institution recommendations. Students can find a universities’ recommended course list on the baccalaureate degree plans (BDPs) created by each university. Students can view more  information regarding university requirements by visiting Transfer Pathways to 4-Year Institutions.

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