Ready to Pick

November 14, 2022: The fall harvest has begun! 
The following veggies are ready for pickin’:

  • Bed #5 Tatsoi
  • Bed #6 Pak Choy/Bok Choy
  • Bed #7 Kale
  • Bed #8 Spinach and Salad Greens
  • Bed #9 Turnip Greens

Please note that in Bed #9 the actual turnip root is not yet ready, so please only harvest the greens.

Below are videos showing how to harvest each vegetable:

Harvesting bok choy and tatsoi

Harvesting spinach, kale, and salad greens

Once you have harvested your veggies, show how much the garden is loved and used by stopping at the Garden Gazebo to weigh and record your picks. No personal information is recorded, just the name and weight of the vegetables you have picked.

Happy Harvesting!

AmeriCorps/NC Hunger Corps VISTA
(336) 532-5032
ACC Room F-118

chart of some commonly grown vegetables in Zone 7, indicating dates when they can be planted and harvested. This chart is being used to show that the veggies we are growing should begin to be ready for harvest around late october through mid november.


In the spring, we gave away “pizza gardens” consisting of tomato, basil, and peppers: