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Accessing Mental Health Services for Students

**This is a source of information, not a recommendation, endorsement, or referral. This list is not exhaustive. Please note, some services and agencies change over time. Please, contact them to double check**

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ACC Counselors

Counselors in Student Success can help you with a variety of academic, career, and/or personal issues. Contact us by email or phone in order to schedule an appointment. For walk-in appointments, stop by the Student Success Center, Main 233.

Monica Isbell: 336-506-4130
Coordinator, Disability Services

Carol Disque: 336-506-4138
Vice President, Student Success

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Student Assistance Program


Free, confidential help for personal, work-related, and family concerns.  

Call your Student Assistance Program today to find out more.

704.529.1428  |  800.633.3353

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