Strategic Planning

cover of the strategic plan booklet with the title "ACC FORWARD" 2022-2025. Click to download the full PDF version of the plan.

Click to download the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan (PDF)

Alamance Community College engages in a process of continuous improvement that includes Student Learning Outcomes Assessment, Administrative Services & Student Support Outcomes Assessment, General Education Outcomes Assessment, Curriculum and Continuing Education Program Reviews, and a college-wide Strategic Plan.

2022-2025 Strategic Plan

ACC’s current Strategic Plan is titled ACC Forward and consists of four strategic priorities:

  1. Engage: ACC will engage with Alamance County communities in new and innovative ways that deepen existing partnerships and create new ones.
  2. Learn: ACC will involve all students in innovative and inclusive formal and informal learning experiences that improve student success, prepare students for jobs, and provide a strong foundation for continued learning.
  3. Equip: ACC will equip faculty and staff with resources and experiences that enhance their engagement, sharpen their skills, and enable them to provide exceptional teaching and service.
  4. Grow: ACC will ensure that students, faculty, and staff have access to the resources
    they need to grow as healthy individuals. 

Each priority will be driven by an Implementation Team. They research activities and ideas, serve as conveners, participate in the implementation activities, track progress and performance, and report on activities. See the Team Responsibilities here (PDF)

Team EngageTeam LearnTeam EquipTeam Grow