Steps Toward a Better Future

Visit the Admissions and Financial Aid Offices!

The Admissions Office and the Financial Aid Office are located in the bottom of Gee Building.

If you park behind the school, just walk into Gee and turn right.

If you are coming from the Main building or parked out front, you may want to watch this quick video for easy directions.

Directions if you’re coming from the main building:

  • Enter the Main Building and walk past the information desk, where you will see elevators on the right.
  • Go down one floor to the Middle Level (hit “M”) and exit right.
  • Walk down the hallway until you come across another set of elevators on the right.
  • Go to the bottom floor.
  • Exit right and you’ve made it!


Call the Admissions Office: 336-506-4270

Call the Financial Aid Office:  336-506-4109 or 336-506-4340

We are excited to see you taking these Steps Toward a Better Future!