Faculty Toolkit

Faculty are critical to the academic and career success of Alamance Community College students. Innovative faculty instruction equips students with the technical knowledge and skills to pursue their career goals. Work-Based Learning (WBL) complements the work of faculty by endeavoring to position students as career-ready graduates. WBL as a co-curricular program capitalizes on the intersectionality of curriculum and on-the-job learning. The Work-Based Learning portfolio offers curricula soft skills/employability course work and robust on-the-job training (internships).


Work-based learning courses such as World of Work teaches students employability skills such as how to conduct a job search, write a cover letter and resume’, and prepare for an interview. It also elevates soft skills employers report are fleeting in today’s workforce.

WBL actively promotes:

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal Skills and Teamwork
  • Initiative and Dependability
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Time & Resource Management
  • Cultural Sensitivity

Get Involved

  • Join us in producing work-ready graduates by opting to include WBL 110: World of Work in your department curriculum as well as an internship experience (WBL 111, 112, 113, 121).
  • Help students develop professional “work hygiene” and language to connect their academic studies to employment by incorporating soft skills and employability skills into your course.


Internships are invaluable to securing field-specific post-graduation employment. Every year, faculty make high-value touch with industry to engage students in the discipline and ensure curriculum reflects the ever-changing labor market needs. The new and existing relationships developed with industry partners in the course of this work provides high-value internship placement opportunities.

Get Involved

  • Partner with the Work-Based Learning Coordinator to join you on industry visits, department meetings to speak to faculty, or advisory board meetings.
  • Make e-introductions via email to industry partners.
  • Invite the Work-Based Learning Coordinator to speak in relevant courses.

Faculty Responsibilities 

  1. Review WBL benefits and requirements with student.
  2. Enroll student in WBL section.
  3. Ensure WBL course sections are offered every semester in conjunction with Academic Catalog.
  4. Serve as the Instructor on Record for internship experiences.
  5. Maintain regular communication with students and supervisors.
  6. Conduct a midterm site visit.
  7. Collect WBL Workbook from students and audit for accuracy and completeness.