Work-Based Learning

What is Work-Based Learning?

Work-Based Learning (WBL) prepares students to become career-ready graduates. WBL capitalizes on the intersectionality of curriculum and on-the-job learning. Its portfolio offers curricula soft skills/employability course work and robust on-the-job training through internships.

Upon completion, student will display an understanding of their role in an organization, employability skills (also known as “soft skills”), and requisite workplace maturity, responsibility, and independence.

The WBL structure provides students pre-internship preparation and support during internship completion. Your current employment may qualify for WBL credit counting towards degree completion.

Program Benefits

  • Gain field-specific work experience
  • Develop technical-skills and soft-skills for career success
  • Establish mentorship with a field professional
  • Build your network to enhance your post-graduation job search
  • Earn credit toward graduation (current employment may qualify)

For Employers

On-the-job training is a hallmark of WBL. The experiential learning enables students to apply classroom knowledge in the workplace through a formally structured internship. The student’s total experience is planned, coordinated, and supervised by the College and the employer. Students complete a work-based learning experience in their declared academic program. Students are exposed to field specific practices and processes through the mentorship of a supervisor. This relationship allows students to build a professional network for career advice and guidance. 

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Understand self in the context of the world of work
  • Navigate the work environment with strong employability and soft skills
  • Identify and leverage unique strengths to enhance work contributions
  • Possess knowledge to search, identify, and pursue growth along the career ladder
  • Market oneself for value-added career opportunities

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