Parking on Campus & Student ID Cards


sample hang tag for parkingStudents, Faculty, and Staff are required to have ACC parking decals/hang-tag displayed on all vehicles being parked on campus. These parking passes may be obtained free of charge from the Public Safety Office(s) located at:

  • Carrington-Scott (Main) Campus, in the Allied Health (Powell) building, room H103;
  • Dillingham Center Campus, inside at the Main Front Entrance.

sample parking stickerThe parking decals are to be placed on the left (driver’s side) rear bumper of vehicles. The hang-tags are to be hung from the rear view mirror, forward facing (the number toward the windshield) to help ensure your safety and assist Public Safety in the event your vehicle becomes damaged while on campus.

Students are permitted to park in Lots C-2, D, E, F, H, I, J, K and L. Signs are posted and parking spaces are lined with white paint. Faculty/staff parking is designated in Lots B, C-1, and H-1. Signs are posted and parking spaces are lined with yellow paint. Lot A, closest to the main entrance, is designated for disabled parking and 5 minute drop-off only. Visitor parking is designated in Lot B on either end and south end of Lot H. However, visitors are allowed in student parking if necessary.

Registered students are not considered as visitors at any time. Students using alternate vehicles that are not registered with the College are to park in the student parking area and not in visitor areas at any time. Maps are available at the information desk in the main lobby and in front of the Public Safety Office in the same location. Parking is prohibited in any area marked with yellow or red paint and all other areas marked “NO PARKING”, SHIPPING/RECEIVING, and FIRE LANE (all red or yellow curbs).

All traffic signs and regulations on ACC property are to be obeyed at all times.

The posted speed limit in all ACC parking lots is 10 mph, anything in excess to this is considered reckless, and could endanger the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. 

These regulations are strictly enforced, and parking fines are distributed to those in violation. Auto boot immobilizers and towing may also be utilized to enforce regulations. It is imperative that all students, faculty, and staff work together to keep our campus safe and secure.

You have 2 options for obtaining your parking decal/hang-tag, they are as follows:

  • Personally fill out the registration form at the Public Safety Office(s), and obtain permit at that time, or
  • Fill out the form below and the Public Safety office will contact you when your information has been entered into our system and your request for service can be completed.

Parking Registration & Student ID Request

Complete this form to cut down on waiting time.

  • Select an option.
  • The Student ID number issued to you upon registering with Alamance community College.
  • Please enter the license plate number of the primary vehicle to be driven.
  • Examples: University Transfer, Biotechnology, GED, etc.
  • It is your responsibility to enter the correct mailing address.
  • We will utilize this method to inform you of your request completion. By providing your email you give the Department of Public Safety at Alamance Community College authorization/permission to communicate/contact you by this method. Should you decide you do not want to provide your email, you may contact the Public Safety by calling 336-506-4286 to set up an appointment.
  • Date this form was completed.
  • Photo Upload Guidelines

    All photo files are subject to the approval of the Department of Public Safety. Photo's will be rejected if they contain any offensive content, (i.e. nudity, gang insignia, discriminatory images, vulgar gestures, or illegal activity). Also this list may not comprehensive and are subject to change. *Photo must contain just you. *Must be recent. *Must be clear and not blurry or covered by shadows. Format: Pictures must be in jpg, or png. formats. Size: 2 MB or smaller Orientation: Photos need to be upright. If you submit a photo that's sideways or upside-down, we'll likely reject it.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 2 MB.
    By uploading your photo you grant the Department of Public Safety at Alamance Community College the authorization/permission to use the photo file as requested for ID purposes.
    Maximum file size - 2 mega bytes.