Faculty & Staff Requests

Welcome New Faculty or Staff person(s) to Alamance Community College! We are so glad you decided to join our team. In order to better assist and accommodate your schedules, please request your parking hang tag and ID appointments using the form below. Once your information has been entered into our program a Public Safety Officer will be in contact. In the mean time we request that you do not park in the visitor’s areas, but in the marked Faculty/Staff areas.

Also below the id/parking form you will find forms and information in the event you become injured.

Thank you!

Faculty/Staff ID Request & Parking Registration

Complete this form to cut down on waiting time.
  • Select an option.
  • Name * Required
  • Talk with your Department Head for accurate Department Name
  • Talk with your Department Head for accurate Title.
  • We will utilize this method to inform you of your request completion. By providing your email you give the Department of Public Safety at Alamance Community College authorization/permission to communicate/contact you by this method. Should you decide you do not want to provide your email, you may contact the Public Safety by calling 336-506-4286 to set up an appointment.
  • Date this form was completed.


In the event of an employee accident/injury the following report/forms are required to be completed within 48 hours.

Injured Employee is to complete the form below.

Supervisor of injured employee complete the form below.

Supervisor's Injury/Accident Investigation Form

Supervisor's are required to complete and submit this form within 48 hours.
  • Alamance Community College Worker's Comp

  • Instructions for Supervisors
  • Supervisor's Name * Required
  • Name of Injured Employee: * Required
    If more than one employee injured, complete a separate incident form for each injured employee.
  • Time of Incident: * Required
  • Be as specific as possible.
  • (What happened?) Be as detailed as possible.
  • (What caused it to happen?) Be as detailed as possible.
  • Person responsible for corrective action:
  • Drop files here or
    Upload any email's/correspondences, photos relative to incident.
  • I acknowledge that the above statement is a true and accurate representation of the information provided to me by the injured employee. By submitting this form electronically, you are giving consent to use this as acknowledgement of your electronic signature.