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If you have any questions or need assistance with your online course, please contact the Distance Learning Center. The DLC is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.

Office: Distance Learning Center, Main 261


Phone: 336-506-4114 or 1-866-374-8142 (available 24 hours)

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For Information Services issues (email, browser issues, or software), call 336-578-2002 ext: 4011 between the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm for the Support Desk.

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Help Desk: Live Chat
Telephone:1-800-354-9706, choose options 5, then 3 Compass

Help Desk: (800) 677-6337


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Help Desk: (888) 883-1299 (24hours)


Distance Learning FAQ’s

1. How do I log in to my Moodle course?
2. What is my Moodle username?
3. What are the characteristics of a successful distance learning student? Take a self-assessment.
4. What web browser(s) is recommended for Moodle?
5. What should I do before the semester starts?
6. What should I do the first day of class? MyACCess, Webadvisor, ACCess Apps
7. Does my online course require additional software or hardware?
8. I don’t see my question listed here.


1. How do I log into my Moodle course?

The ACC Moodle site is located at

From these pages click the User Login button. Each student has a unique User ID and Password with which to access his/her Moodle courses. See question/answer below.

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2. What is my Moodle username?

Usually it consists of your first initial, middle initial, last name, and last 3 digits of your student ID number. For example: If John Melvin Doe’s student ID is 0123456, then his Moodle user name would be jmdoe456.

Always be sure to use lowercase letters when typing your username into Moodle. *Please note, your username and password is the same for Moodle and WebAdvisor.  Your ACCess email address will begin with your username and end with

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3. What are the characteristics of a successful distance learning student?

* Has a computer at home and a reliable Internet connection
* Knows how to work independently and keeps up with assignments
* Has the necessary skills such as a college reading level
* Has completed any necessary prerequisites for the course
* Participates in orientation when applicable
* Begins course activities within the first week of the course
* Sets aside an adequate amount of time on a routine basis for study
* Contacts the instructor promptly with questions about any aspect of the course
* Has the required computer hardware and necessary software
* Knows basic word processing
* Familiar with sending and receiving e-mail

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4. What web browser(s) may I use and how should they be configured?

Alamance Community College has determined that the most consistent browser to use with Moodle at this time is Google Chrome. You can download Google Chrome for free or visit: .

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5. What should I do before the semester starts?

You should e-mail your instructor (or the department head) and tell them you have registered for their course. You can access the instructor or department head e-mail address at

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6. What should I do the first day of class?

  1. You should set up your ACCess account. This is the account that your instructor will use to communicate with you throughout your studies. It will also allow you to use Webadvisor and ACCess Apps email, docs, and calendar.
    To do this please go to Guardian and fill out and submit the form. Remember your password.
    You may then log in to your MyACCess personal account.
    Email, Docs, and Calendar functions are available through your ACCess account (in Gmail).
    Online registration, grades, transcripts, and financial aid information is available through WebAdvisor.
  2. You should log into Moodle here:

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7. Does my online course require additional software or hardware?

Accounting: Microsoft Office including Excel and PowerPoint
Chemistry: Adobe Acrobat Reader
English: Word Processing software and ability to save files in rich text
Mathematics: MAT 115 – On-campus testing requirements
  MAT 060, 070, 080, MAT 151 – Administrative rights to install My Math Lab plug-ins on the computer. Need speakers on computer.
Office Systems: OST 131 – PC with Pentium II or higher; Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000 or XP; 32 MB RAM for Windows NT, ME and 2000 or 128 MB RAM for Windows XP; 210 MB of free space on hard drive; MS Word 2000 or higher.
  OST 136 – CD Rom and MS Word 2003
  OST 141 – Sound recording capacity on computer
Psychology and Sociology: Writing intensive, and you need PowerPoint (or reader) and the ability to save files in rich text.
Computer Information Systems: CIS 110 — Shelly/Cashman Microsoft Office – Introductory, by Shelly, Vermaat, 1st edition, from Course Technology, also bundled with the student training and assessment web access license SAM
  In addition, ONLINE students need regular access to a reliable Internet connection, Microsoft Office 2010 software (with Microsoft Access), and a computer workstation with the minimum requirements as listed on the following site:Online Course Requirements

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I don’t see my question listed here.

There is a more complete FAQ, Knowledge Base, and Help system located at our 24/7 Online Learning Support Center.

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