Online Course Requirements

You should have access to a computer in your home if you are taking online and hybrid courses. Alamance Community College provides access to computers on campus but you are not guaranteed access when you need it.  For most online courses, you will need to complete assignments and quizzes online, research online, and communicate with your instructors and  fellow students online.  Therefore, you need regular access to a computer.

In addition to access, you should make sure your computer meets some basic requirements.  We recommend the following minimum standards:

  • PC Processor: 1.5 GHz Pentium or higher
  • Windows Operating System: Windows 7 or later
  • Mac Operating System: OS X or later
  • System Memory (RAM): 1GB or higher
  • Display: 800×600 or higher, 16 bit color or higher
  • Video Memory: 128MB of video RAM or higher
  • Internet access: broadband recommended – (DSL/Cable/LAN)
  • Sound: 16-bit sound card or higher
  • Java (latest version)
  • Browser: Alamance Community College recommends using the latest version of Google Chrome.

In addition, you may need equipment such as a microphone, printer, flash drive, or web cam for specific courses.  Please check with your instructor prior to the beginning of the course to make sure you have the required equipment.

Most courses use the following software and plug-ins:

  • Microsoft Office (2013 or higher) – MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint are the most popular applications from this software suite.  You can purchase a student version of the software from the ACC bookstore, local electronics companies, or find student deals online.  Pricing is better for students so ask for student pricing wherever you go.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader – instructors post files in PDF and these files require a special software or browser plug-in to view them.  You can download it from or through your browser plug-in/add-on tool.
  • Flash Player – instructors may publish online videos that are in the Flash format and this requires a flash player for viewing.  You can download the flash player from or through your browser plug-in/add-on tool.

Other software or plug-ins may be required or recommended for specific classes so contact your instructor for the specific requirements.

For security purposes, we recommend the following:

  • Keep your operating system current and up-to-date by visiting to the Microsoft Update.
  • Install and maintain antivirus software.  Such software can scan, identify and remove harmful viruses from your computer.
  • Install and maintain spyware and malware removal programs.  Such software will detect and remove unwanted advertisements, pop-ups and hidden processes.  This can improve your computer’s performance and security.

Please note: Technical issues and viruses on your computer will not mean automatic extensions on course work.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to maintain your system the best you can and to have a “Plan B” in case something happens to your primary computer.