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This page contains links to professional development opportunities and online teaching resources.

Training Opportunities

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Online Professional Development Courses

We have several online courses that are open in Moodle.  Email us at distancelearning@alamancecc.edu.

Introduction to Moodle – Online Course
This self-paced course is designed for faculty, teachers, course builders, trainers, and site administrators who are new to Moodle/Blackboard Open LMS, as well as those who are who are migrating from another Learning Management System and want to understand the core features of Moodle. It includes an overview of Moodle, how to navigate within it, how it may be customized, reviews the basic components of a Moodle course, introduces basic course design and course building information, and introduces course management information.

Course Building for New Moodle Users – Online Course
This course has been designed for faculty, course builders, and instructional designers who are new Moodle users.

Getting Started with Online Course Facilitation – Online Course
This course will introduce participants to the many facets of online facilitation to build skills in four areas: technical, managerial, social, and pedagogical. Finally, to synthesize all you have learned, you will build a Facilitation Checklist to help guide your ongoing facilitation needs. 

Moodle Gradebook – Online Course
There are many settings in the Gradebook that can change how graded items aggregate, how grades and feedback can be given and display, and what these settings and display options mean in the larger scheme of things. From a facilitator perspective, you will learn how to grade multiple modules, as well as best practices for quick and easy grading using the available Moodle and Open reports. This course will help you make appropriate decisions to create a gradebook that suits your needs.

Online Teaching Resources

Accessibility Resources

Alamance Community College is committed to providing accessible materials and online content to students.  Below is a list of accessibility resources to assist faculty in purchasing and developing content.  If you have questions or need assistance with making your course accessible, please email us at accessibility@alamancecc.edu.


Moodle Resources

Moodle Migration Support Site – We will be moving to a new Moodle host in January 2019 – Blackboard Open LMS.  This link will take you to the Blackboard Open LMS (Moodle) support site for faculty.  This site contains information and tutorials on using Moodle.

Moodle Videos on YouTube

Video Title Video Title Video Title
Finding Your Way Moodle Dashboard: Moodle What is a Course? Moodle
How to lay out a course Adding and editing text Editing course sections
What are the edit icons? Dragging and dropping files What are blocks?
HTML block Uploading files Activity completion
File picker Adding images The activity chooser
Moodle Gradebook Page tool in Moodle Moodle books
Using sound and video in Moodle Adding URL links Moodle filters
Moodle glossary Forums in Moodle Choice activity
Wiki activity Course restore Course backup
Course reports Creating assignments  
Moodle quiz Enrolling Moodle learners  


Activities and Resources

Using Rubrics

Grade Book Resources

Course Management

Turnitin Resources

Instructor Resources

Student Resources – Add to your online course as a resource for students.