Faculty/Staff Services

The ACC Library serves the teaching, meetings and work related research needs of instructors and staff. Refer to the list below for some of the services we offer instructors and staff.

Library Research Orientations

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Procedure For Requesting Material For the Library’s Collection

Faculty and staff should contact the library by phone, email, in person, or by completing this form to request material be added to the collection. When possible include the title of the work, author’s name, and ISBN or ISSN in your request; plus your contact information. If your request includes multiple items please prioritize your list. Material will be purchased as budget permits. Once the material is cataloged into the collection you will be notified by the library.

Weeding/Discard Policy

Materials are weeded or discarded from the collection based on input from the faculty and library staff with the final decision resting with the director. Department heads are contacted by the library and asked to have a representative from their area participate in the weeding process on a regular basis.

Selection Policy

Material Selection: Selection of materials is a cooperative responsibility, with participation and recommendations by librarians, faculty, staff, and students. Requests will be honored if the material meets the selection guidelines and funds are available.

The library emphasizes, in its selection policy, educational and informational functions which assist the institution to implement and support the requirements of its programs as well as enrich the students and the community at large. Materials of educational value are chosen to stimulate growth, encourage imagination and reflection, widen horizons, and enlarge experience. This includes limited “recreational” or leisure reading materials. Selection should also reflect materials regarding current issues. The primary function of the library is to support the needs of the College’s students, faculty and staff, while an important secondary function is to serve as a resource for the community at large. Faculty, staff, and students are invited to contact the library and submit requests for the selection of material. Faculty is encouraged to take an active role in collection development for their areas. If you E-mail a request for the library to purchase books or audiovisual material, please include as much information (author, title, publisher/ producer/ISBN) as possible.

To access the Library Handbook for faculty and staff click here: Library Handbook PDF

Contact the library at (336) 506-4116 or e-mail lrc@alamancecc.edu.