How to Connect with the Writing Center

The Writing Center is open to students at Alamance Community College for help with any writing task. Our services are useful for writers at every level and in any subject. Here are three ways to get assistance from the Writing Center:

1. You can make a one-on-one appointment for feedback on your writing at  Follow the directions to register and log in. Once you are logged in, click on a white square for a time that you want and follow the directions on the pop-up screen.

2. You can come directly to the Writing Center (Room 354 in the Main Building, behind the ACC Information Desk). Writing tutors work with walk-in students whenever their time is not already booked.

3. If you cannot come to campus, you can make an e-tutoring appointment through the same system,  Sign up with a tutor who offers e-tutoring, click that option, and attach your paper as a Word document. A writing tutor will read your paper before or during the appointment time and comment in writing on your work. You will receive an email when the response is available.

If you need assistance with any of these options, call 336-506-4190.  You can also download our PowerPoint presentation for more detailed instructions. 

Troubleshooting and Time Management

If no appointment screen pops up when you click on a white appointment space, minimize the current screen to reveal the pop-up screen.

To cancel or change an existing appointment, click on the existing appointment and scroll to cancel or change, and then save your changes.

Half-hour and hour-long appointments are available, and you should choose on the basis of the length of your assignment. A half-hour session is long enough for brainstorming sessions and assignments of less than three pages, and an hour is appropriate for research and other longer papers.

We recommend that you arrange to come to the Writing Center at least three days before your assignment is due. Once you have made an appointment, please keep it, or go back into the online system to cancel. A writing tutor is waiting just for you, and missed appointments waste valuable time that other students could be using.

What to Expect from Your Appointment

When you come for your appointment, bring your instructor’s directions for the assignment and a draft of your response if you have one. (Or, if you have an e-tutoring appointment, attach the paper you would like to have reviewed along with the directions for the assignment.) If you don’t have a draft, a tutor will help you brainstorm ideas and develop a writing plan. If you have a draft, a tutor will read your work with you, ask questions, and offer suggestions.

At the Writing Center, we read for content first. If you still need to develop your content, we may recommend that you return for a second visit if you want to discuss surface errors. Tutors will not make corrections throughout your paper but will choose specific sentences for a review of grammar and mechanics as necessary and refer you to handbooks like Diana Hacker’s Rules for Writers to help you increase your understanding.

The Writing Center is not a proofreading service but a learning experience that helps you improve your skill through planning and revising your work. We hope you enjoy using the Writing Center, and we are happy to hear your feedback.