Alamance Community College
2023 Calendar Year

Mechanical Engineering Technology Basic Certificate

The Mechanical Engineering Certificate program option includes 13 credit hours (23 contact hours) of coursework. Students will receive in introduction to computer aided design, programmable logic controllers and machining applications. This option allows students to explore the career path while evaluating career options. While not required, students should have a working knowledge of drafting techniques and standards prior to entering this program. Additionally, students use acquired skills to complete individual class projects. Graduates with this certificate will have a basic knowledge of solid modeling, PLC uses and machining techniques.

Course and Hour Requirements
DFT-151 CAD I 5 3

This course introduces CAD software as a drawing tool. Topics include drawing, editing, file management, and plotting. Upon completion, students should be able to produce and plot a CAD drawing.

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DFT-154 Intro to Solid Modeling 5 3
DFT-154   Intro to Solid Modeling PREREQUISITES and COREQUISITES • DFT-152

This course is an introduction to basic three-dimensional solid modeling and design software. Topics include basic design, creation, editing, rendering and analysis of solid models, and creation of multiview drawings. Upon completion, students should be able to use design techniques to create, edit, render and generate a multiview drawing.

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MAC-141 Machining Applications I 8 4
MAC-141   Machining Applications I PREREQUISITES and COREQUISITES • NONE

This course provides an introduction to a variety of material-working processes that are common to the machining industry. Topics include safety, process-specific machining equipment, measurement devices, set-up and layout instruments, and common shop practices. Upon completion, students should be able to safely demonstrate basic machining operations, accurately measure components, and effectively use layout instruments.

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ELC-128 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controller 5 3
ELC-128   Introduction to Programmable Logic Controller PREREQUISITES and COREQUISITES • NONE

This course introduces the programmable logic controller (PLC) and its associated applications. Topics include ladder logic diagrams, input/output modules, power supplies, surge protection, selection/installation of controllers, and interfacing of controllers with equipment. Upon completion, students should be able to understand basic PLC systems and create simple programs.

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Semester Total 23 13