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Learn the techniques, skills and procedures of mechanical design engineering through ACC’s career-advancing program.

Degree Options to Fit Your Career Goals:

  • Diploma
    Earn a valuable Mechanical Engineering diploma in less than two years.
  • Certificate
    Learn Mechanical Engineering with a one-semester certificate program specializing in Mechanical Engineering basics, technology, or quality control.
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Learn more about Mechanical Engineering Technology.


Mechanical Engineering students learn by doing.

In the Mechanical Engineering Program, students receive training in the proper use of mechanical design techniques. After training in both 2D and 3D modeling, students will use the acquired skills to generate 3D printed models. The program also includes instruction on techniques and procedures, along with an emphasis on prototyping and simulations using SolidWorks software, to set students up for success in mechanical engineering careers.

Mechanical Engineering graduates earn $30,000-$65,000 yearly.

(Entry level range. Contingent on economy and geographic location)

What You'll Learn

  • Design techniques for 2D and 3D applications, statics, fluids mechanics and machine design
  • Quality control and manufacturing machining
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Solid modeling
  • Generation of 3D printing models
  • Prototyping and simulation using SolidWorks

Jobs You'll Qualify For

  • Solid modelers
  • Engineering technician
  • Design engineer
  • Mechanical designer
  • Project estimators
  • Computer-aided design operations
  • Quality control technician

Curriculum plans for all levels

We know everyone is starting this journey from different places. That's why each plan is outfitted with specific courses to help you achieve your goals in your own time-frame.


Take the deepest dive into Mechanical Engineering Technology with our diploma program. Gain exposure in all areas of Mechanical Engineering Technology to prepare for a career in the industry.

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Looking for a great value option? Learn all of the Mechanical Engineering basics in as little as one semester to become certified to begin employment as a modeler, technician, engineer and more.

Follow your passion by perfecting your skills in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

High achievers will also successfully pass design certification exams including but not limited to the Certified SolidWorks Associate and Certified SolidWorks Professional exams (CSWA & CSWP). Graduates of the curriculum will find employment opportunities as solid modelers, engineering techs, quality control techs etc., in the manufacturing or service sectors of engineering technology.

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