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A cutting-edge horticultural practices program that equips students with all the skills and technical knowledge necessary to succeed in the green industry.

Degree Options to Fit Your Career Goals:

  • Associate in Applied Sciences Degree
    Earn a valuable Horticulture Technology Associate Degree in approximately two years.
  • Diploma
    Become an expert in landscape design and installation or nursery production with a one-year diploma program.
  • Certificate
    Take a semester of horticulture-related courses to earn one of several certificate options.
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Horticulture students learn by doing.

Outside of our non-traditional, experiential learning model, the Horticulture Technologies department at Alamance Community College introduces its students to the industry through field trips, guest speakers and opportunities to attend industry trade shows and symposiums. These opportunities have proven valuable to our graduates by enhancing their educational experience and connecting them to potential employers in North Carolina and beyond.

Our diverse course offerings, combined with the unique opportunity to study in our world-class greenhouses and outdoor labs, mean you will be taught with hands-on strategies that use innovative horticultural practices, further preparing YOU for a post-graduate career.

Horticulture Technology graduates earn $35,000-$55,000 yearly.

(With 5 years experience. Contingent on economy and geographic location)

What you'll learn

  • Applied plant science
  • Plant identification
  • Greenhouse Operations
  • Landscape Irrigation
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Landscape Design
  • Construction and Management

Jobs you'll qualify for

  • Landscape installer/designer
  • Irrigation technician
  • Greenhouse/nursery worker
  • Garden center sales associate
  • Golf course/sports maintenance

Curriculum plans for all levels

We know everyone is starting this journey from different places. That's why each plan is outfitted with specific courses to help you achieve your goals in your own time-frame.


Take the deepest dive into Horticulture Technology with a two-year Associate in Applied Sciences degree. Gain exposure in all areas of plant science and procedures to prepare for a lucrative career in the industry.

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Are you interested in Horticulture Technology but not sure you want to commit to a two-year degree program? Get a diploma in half the time by taking a variety of classes to help you gain all the skills needed to be successful.


Looking for a great value option? Learn all of the Horticulture Technology basics in as little as one semester to become certified for employment in landscaping, irrigation, nursery work and more.

Our students graduate with a full comprehension of the horticulture discipline – enough for them to adapt to the abundant career offerings in the industry.

Alamance Community College introduces its students to the industry through: experiential Learning, field trips, guest speakers, and opportunities to attend industry trade shows and symposiums.

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