Employer Information for Apprenticeships

Train Your Own Workforcestudent working with machinery

Many companies are struggling to find enough qualified job applicants to replace skilled workers they are losing to other companies or retirement.  That makes keeping up with demand or growth even more difficult.

Employers all over the country have discovered that apprenticeship is one way to close the skills gap.  There are already more than 23,400 registered apprenticeship programs across the nation.

Apprenticeship can help you reduce your turnover rate, increase your productivity, build a pipeline for new talent, and engage your employees as well as create loyalty and leadership in them.

Apprenticeship is for you

Apprenticeships are very flexible: Your needs – your program.  Through partnerships with the school system and Alamance Community College, you will get access to recruitment opportunities, customized training and networking chances.

Every apprenticeship program can be customized to your business.  The US Department of Labor has already approved over 1,300 occupations as apprenticeable.  There is a set number of training hours for each occupation.  Depending on this number as well as your needs, the related education provided by Alamance Community College can lead to a diploma, certificate, or an Associate’s Degree.

Whether you want to work with high school students, employ adults, or train incumbent workers, apprenticeship offers you a variety of advantages.

Most apprentices are so productive that they are making money for the company within six months to a year.  For every dollar invested in apprenticeship, an employer receives a benefit on average of $1.46 up to $2.00.

According to the US Department of Labor, 91% of apprentices retain employment after finishing their apprenticeship.  In comparison: 70% of college graduates plan on leaving their job within the first three years.

Start Your Journey Nowinstructor showing students some automotive work

In a first meeting, we will talk about your needs and goals.  Depending on your specific training needs and programs you may already have in place, we can determine your next steps together.  This includes:

  • The occupations you are interested in training for;
  • The related education to support your training;
  • Your type of apprenticeship (youth, adults, veterans, etc.);
  • Your wage scale

Alamance Community College is dedicated to helping you along the way.  From supporting your registration with the state, finding and customizing your related education, to training your workforce, we will be there to help you find the perfect fit. 

ACC is also a registered sponsor of apprenticeships, so if you prefer to leave the paperwork up to us, we will be more than happy to cooperate with you as well. As a recipient of the Duke Energy/Piedmont Natural Gas Community College Apprenticeship Grant, ACC is able to support apprentices in regards to tuition, books, and wages.

“We are recruiting from a resource of people that we would not be exposed to in our normal hiring process.  We are also finding young people who may not have gotten the same opportunity in a normal work and hiring process.  That combination is powerful for the company, individual, and the Career Accelerator Program (CAP).  We have also been introduced to local companies that we did not know before CAP.  Several have become suppliers to us or have introduced us to other companies that provide local services to us.”

-Jim Bryan, Owner of Fairystone Fabrics and Chairman of the Career Accelerator Program, an apprenticeship consortium for advanced manufacturing in Alamance County

Contact Bettina Akukwe, Apprenticeship Implementer, at 336-532-5034 or email bettina.akukwe@alamancecc.edu to get started!