Alamance Community College
2023 Calendar Year

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology Certificate

Course and Hour Requirements
AHR-110 Introduction to Refrigeration 8 5
AHR-110   Introduction to Refrigeration PREREQUISITES and COREQUISITES • NONE

This course introduces the basic refrigeration process used in mechanical refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Topics include terminology, safety, and identification and function of components; refrigeration cycle; and tools and instrumentation used in mechanical refrigeration systems. Upon completion, students should be able to identify refrigeration systems and components, explain the refrigeration process, and use the tools and instrumentation of the trade.

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AHR-111 HVACR Electricity 4 3

This course introduces electricity as it applies to HVACR equipment. Emphasis is placed on power sources, interaction of electrical components, wiring of simple circuits, and the use of electrical test equipment. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate good wiring practices and the ability to read simple wiring diagrams.

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AHR-113 Comfort Cooling 6 4
AHR-113   Comfort Cooling PREREQUISITES and COREQUISITES • AHR-110, AHR-111

This course covers the installation procedures, system operations, and maintenance of residential and light commercial comfort cooling systems. Topics include terminology, component operation, and testing and repair of equipment used to control and produce assured comfort levels. Upon completion, students should be able to use psychrometrics, manufacturer specifications, and test instruments to determine proper system operation.

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AHR-114 Heat Pump Technology 6 4
AHR-114   Heat Pump Technology PREREQUISITES and COREQUISITES • Take One: AHR-110 or AHR-113

This course covers the principles of air source and water source heat pumps. Emphasis is placed on safety, modes of operation, defrost systems, refrigerant charging, and system performance. Upon completion, students should be able to understand and analyze system performance and perform routine service procedures.

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AHR-115 Refrigeration Systems 4 2
AHR-115   Refrigeration Systems PREREQUISITES and COREQUISITES • AHR-110 and AHR-111

This course introduces refrigeration systems and applications. Topics include defrost methods, safety and operational control, refrigerant piping, refrigerant recovery and charging, and leak testing. Upon completion, students should be able to assist in installing and testing refrigeration systems and perform simple repairs.

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Semester Total 28 18