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Faculty Contact Information


Faculty Name Subject Email Phone Office
Arnitz, Robin Art Email Robin Arnitz email only Online Instructor
Bailey, Laura G Art Email Laura Bailey email only Online Instructor
Brown, Joseph Music Email Joseph Brown email only Online Instructor
Bunnage, Irina Spanish Email Irina Bunnage 336-506-4364 264
Carter, R. Lee Humanities and
Email Lee Carter 336-506-4348 385A
Craven, Paul Humanities Email Paul Craven 336-506-4112 361
Dick, Marrissa Communication Email Marrissa Dick 336-506-4348 385A
Durham, David Religion Email David Durham email only Online Instructor
Elderkin, D. Vance Communication Email Vance Elderkin 336-506-4341 B209
Frost, David J. Philosophy Email David Frost email only Online Instructor
Gabriel, Ryan Humanities and
Email Ryan Gabriel 336-506-4348 385A
Godt, Chad T. Art Email Chad Godt 336-506-4173 109
Hardison, J. Perry Humanities and
Email Perry Hardison 336-506-4404 204
Harper, Ruth E. Spanish Email Ruth Harper 336-506-4364 264
Holmes, Cristy Spanish Email Cristy Holmes 336-506-4296 359
Jones, Mark W. Humanities Email Mark Jones> email only Online Instructor
Lane, Roger C. Music Email Roger Lane 336-506-4325 B304
Livesay, Marcia Music Email Marcia Livesay email only Online Instructor
Marnell, Michael Philosophy Email Michael Marnell 336-506-4348 385A
Miller, Leigh Spanish Email Leigh Miller 336-506-4364 264
Moser, Robin Humanities Email Robin Moser 336-506-4348 385A
Napp, Alise Humanities Email Alise Napp 336-506-4348 385A
Notley, Tracy J. Drama and Humanities Email Tracy Notley email only Online Instructor
Puckett, Susan American Sign Language Email Susan Puckett 336-506-4348 385A
Sargent, Kevin Communication Email Kevin Sargent 336-506-4335 356
Simoneau, Abigail H. Music and Humanities Email Abigail Simoneau 336-506-4206 B215
Stimpson, Rachel Humanities Email Rachel Stimpson 336-506-4348 385A
Trotter, Julie Humanities Email Julie Trotter 336-506-4348 B211
Vega, Clara L. Humanities Department
Email Clara Vega 336-506-4230 B210
Walters, Wendy Communication Email Wendy Walters 336-506-4348 385A
Yao, Adrienne Spanish Email Adrienne Yao 336-506-4364 264
Yao, Kouassi Spanish Email Kouassi Yao 336-506-4330 B209