Employment Procedures

Employment Procedures (Last Rev. 1-11-2010)

The employment procedures to be followed when a new employee is hired are outlined in the “Employment Procedures” booklet. These procedures must be followed when hiring personnel for full-time and part-time regular administrative, faculty, and/or staff positions. All the employment procedural steps may not be followed in cases of: internal promotions, or when hiring part-time or full-time temporary personnel due to the tentative state of employment, expected frequent turnover, urgency of the position or other circumstances, prior approval by the President is required. Once the screening procedures have been completed and the most qualified candidate(s) selected, the remaining screened candidates may be considered for positions requiring similar qualifications.

A copy of the Employment Procedures booklet is available from the HR office or can be found by accessing the College Intranet, Administrative link, and clicking on the Faculty/Employee Handbook.

Preference in Hiring (Last Rev. 6-9-2008) Should two or more individuals have equal qualifications and experiences for an advertised position vacancy, as evaluated and determined by selection committees, preference for hiring will be granted to the eligible individual as defined under GS 128-15(b)(3). In addition to initial employment selection the preference to eligible veterans, as defined in GS 128-15(b)(3), between two or more equally qualified individuals with similar prior experience required for position, shall include selection events such as subsequent hiring’s, promotions, reassignments, and horizontal transfers.

Promotions & Transfers

A promotion involves a change in assignment from a position at a lower grade to one at a higher grade within the organizational structure. In keeping with the College’s philosophy of creating a career ladder for all its employees, primary consideration may be given during the pre-recruitment phase to the possibility of advancement of qualified personnel, both permanent and temporary, within the workforce.

A transfer involves the placement of a College employee in another position for which the duties, responsibilities, status, and remuneration are approximately equal to those of the previous position. The College reserves the right to transfer employees into a position of greater need for their services.

The procedures for transfers and promotions are intended to provide fair consideration to all employees who may be interested in position changes. It also provides supervisory personnel with the authority and latitude to recommend the best-qualified candidates available. The College takes specific steps to ensure that all employees, including minorities and women, are made fully aware of all promotional opportunities.

The supervisor may recommend whether to use the internal transfer or promotion process at the initiation of the staffing process and may also recommend changing an internal process to an external process at any point during the staffing process. Either way, internal application for all positions should always be solicited and considered fairly.

Appointments The Board of Trustees of Alamance Community College, on September 12, 2005, delegate to the President the authority to hire personnel at every level as detailed below:

  • All vice-presidents, deans, and associate deans on the administrative and instructional levels.
  • All administrators below the positions listed in section 1, and all full-time instructional personnel.
  • All other employees not described in sections 1 and 2.

a. Method of Appointment – Employment with the College is granted by an appointment based on a fully executed written contract. Any employee who refuses to accept a contract offer will be deemed to be an “employee at will,” and his or her employment with the College will be considered terminated. In such cases, the employee forfeits his or her rights under the Employee Grievance Policy.