Media Coverage Processes

Alamance Community College’s Public Information Office is responsible for coordinating media contacts and requests. To ensure the best interests of the College are maintained, the College’s protocol is as follows:

  • All media coverage is coordinated through the Public Information Office. Please contact our office with your requests and ideas.
  • Please do not initiate contact with the media without prior approval of the Public Information Office. This applies to all faculty, staff and administrators, including part-time employees.
  • Any media representative initiating contact with ACC faculty, staff or administration should be instructed to contact the Public Information Office.  The Public Information Office will work to connect the media with the most informed subject matter experts.
  • ACC students should not contact the media on behalf of the College.
  • Some media requests may require review by legal counsel and the Public Information Office may facilitate that.
  • Reach Public Information at 336-506-4178 or 336-506-4122.

Feb. 16, 2014