Use of Computer Labs

ACC’s computer labs are used for many purposes. One of the most important of those purposes is to teach students to use computers. Because even small differences in the appearance or operation of a computer can affect the learning process, it is extremely important that all of the computers in each lab provide the same look and feel to each student and that each computer operate in exactly the same manner. To prevent students’ actions from adversely affecting student learning in other classes, the following restrictions have been established.

Unless required by the material being taught, faculty should not require students to:

  • Change the configuration of the operating system (how the basic computer looks and/or works).
  • Change the configuration of any installed software (how that interface looks and/or works).
  • Copy software to or from the computers.
  • Install any software on the hard drives.
  • Save any work on the hard drives.
  • Format any “unused portions” of the hard drives.
  • Delete any files from the hard drives.
  • Physically remove any part/portion of the computer hardware for examination.
  • When the material being taught requires such changes, require students to return their computers to their original configuration before the end of the class period or the instructor will make the necessary configuration changes.

When it is necessary for students to save work to the hard drive, instructors will ensure that the student work is removed from the computer at the end of the training cycle.

Assistance is available from Information Services at 506-4136 or 506-4195.