Professional Travel

Travel Policy

1. Travel Compensation

The College’s regulations concerning travel, transportation, and allowances as codified in Section I: Fiscal Procedures of the North Carolina Community College System’s Accounting Procedures Manual have been adopted by the College’s Board of Trustees. The Board reserves the right to change or amend this policy without prior notice.

a. Authorization/Approval
All travel must be approved in advance and in writing. The President has appointed each Vice President as the designee for approving in-state travel totaling up to $500 per trip. The President will approve all out-of-state travel and all in-state travel in excess of $500 per trip. The President will approve travel for the Board of Trustees. The Board has authorized the Vice President for Administrative and Fiscal Services to review the President’s travel requests.

b. Travel Form ACC-25
College employees are to complete form ACC-25, Rev. 4/18, “Travel Authorization/Reimbursement For Travel Form,” at least a minimum of two weeks in advance of a trip, or as soon as practicable. Reimbursement requests are to be submitted within thirty days after travel has been completed, but not later than the fifteenth day prior to the end of the fiscal year.

c. Travel Advances
Employees may request an advance for travel expenses. The maximum advance is 90% of total travel expenses. Total travel expenses must exceed $100 to request a travel advance and allow two-weeks for all advance checks to be issued. Employees may request the College to issue a check directly to the vendor for registration fees and air travel. Travel advances may not be issued more than five days prior to the date of departure. All travel advances made by the College are loans, and each employee is personally responsible for all moneys so advanced. If a travel advance is obtained and the trip is canceled, the employee must repay the monies advanced immediately. Employees have up to ten days following the completion of a trip to repay the unused portion of an advance. Even when there is no unused portion of the advance, the reimbursement portion of form ACC-25 must be completed. In the event an employee fails to repay the unused amount of the advance, the College will deduct the unused amount of the advance from the employee’s next
salary check.

c. Subsistence

(1) Excess
The President’s designee approves all in-state travel requests up to
a maximum of $500 per trip. The President must approve all instate
travel requests that exceed $500 per trip and all out-of-state
travel requests.
(2) Lodging
A receipt of actual lodging expenses from a commercial
establishment must document reimbursement of actual costs of
overnight lodging, whether in-state or out-of-state. The maximum
lodging costs are established by the Office of State Budget and
Management. The college follows these guidelines. The lodging
cost shall not exceed $75.10 plus tax in-state or $88.70 plus tax
out-of-state or the Office of State Budget and Management’s
current in state or out-of-state subsistence rates. The college
President or designee must approve lodging subsistence in excess
of the above established rates prior to departure. Travel must
involve a travel destination located at least 35 miles from the
employee’s assigned duty station or home, whichever is less, to
receive approved reimbursement. Reimbursement to employees
sharing a room with a member of their family will be limited to the
single occupancy rate.
Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, or other peer-to-peer lodging rentals
may be reimbursed at the lodging costs indicated above if on
official College business and appropriate receipt(s) are attached.
(3) Telephone
For reimbursement of official business telephone calls, allowable
personal telephone calls, and use of telephone with computer
hookups, refer to the North Carolina Community College System’s
Accounting Procedures Manual, Section I: Fiscal Procedures.
(4) Meals
The current daily rates for reimbursement of meals are $39.40 in state
and $42.10 out-of-state or the Office of State Budget and
Management’s current travel subsistence rate.
No reimbursement will be made for meals included in registration
fees or lodging costs.

The following is a table of rates for meal reimbursement:

Meal In-State Rate Out-of-State Rate
breakfast $8.60 $8.60
lunch $11.30 $11.30
dinner $19.50 $22.20
TOTAL $39.40 $42.10

(5) Expenses Reimbursed from ACC Foundation
Lodging, meal, transportation expenses, or registration fees not
covered by State funds, that have been approved by the Division
head, President’s designee and President (when necessary), may
be submitted to the Foundation for reimbursement. Division heads
approval is based on the amount of funds allocated to them by the
Foundation for that fiscal year. The Foundation will reimburse
expenses up to an amount equal to what the State allows for
lodging, meals, transportation, or registration fees, provided funds
are available.

d. Transportation

Reimbursement may not be made for commuting between an
employee’s home and the College duty station. Exceptions for
temporary or part-time instructors need the Vice President and
President approval.

(1) Personal Vehicles
The current reimbursement rate is 58 cents per mile for round trip
travel of up to 100 miles; 33 cents per mile for round trip travel that
exceeds 100 miles.
Reimbursement of costs incurred though the use of a private
automobile should be for direct mileage between points of
departure and destination. Mileage is counted from the employee’s
assigned duty station or home, whichever is less. (Receipts must
be provided for all regular parking, airport parking, and tolls.)
(2) Commercial Airlines or Train
The College or the employee may purchase tickets for travel and
claim the expense on the reimbursement form with the appropriate
receipt(s) attached.
(3) Taxis and Limousines
The actual cost of taxi and limousine fares is reimbursable when
required for travel on College business and the appropriate
receipt(s) are provided.
(4) Rental Cars
The College has contracted with Enterprise for rental car needs of
the College. When a rental car is needed, the employee should
contact Enterprise through the link located on the Intranet “ACC
Enterprise Car Rental.”
(5) Uber or other peer-to-peer ridesharing transportation may be
reimbursed by the College when required for travel on College
business and the appropriate receipt(s) are provided.

e. Registration Fees

The College or the employee may pay registration fees. To be
reimbursed for a paid registration fee, the employee must provide a
receipt as documentation of the expense. If the registration fee is paid
directly by the College, a receipt must be obtained and attached to the
travel reimbursement form. NOTE: No reimbursement will be made
for meals included in registration fees.

The President or his designee must approve requests for convention or
conference registration fees. Approval must be received prior to the
convention or conference date. Prior to approval of registration fees,
the employee must deduct the cost of unrelated items that are not a
direct part of the official convention or conference, such as tours or
social activities. The President or designee will not approve the costs
for items unrelated to any official convention or conference and will
have them deducted from the travel reimbursement request.
A copy of the itinerary, brochures, fee schedules, or other materials
listing specific costs included in the registration fee must accompany
all travel authorization requests.

f. Reimbursement

College employees are responsible for submitting their requests for
reimbursement. All reimbursement requests must be filed for approval
and payment within thirty days after the travel is concluded. Receipts
must be included to confirm registration, lodging, commercial transportation,
parking, and other expenses.

The following procedures must be followed in completing Form ACC-

(1) Part 1: Authorization
This section is to be completed when requesting authorization to
travel and for an advance. The employee must complete the form
as noted and sign and forward it to his or her supervisor. The
supervisor must approve it by signing it and forwarding it to the
appropriate Vice President, who will also sign it and then forward it
to the Business Office.
The Business Office will retain the yellow copy with the brochures,
fee schedules, or other materials listing the specific cost(s) included
in the registration fee. The white copy will be returned to the
employee to request reimbursement at the completion of travel.

(2) Part 2: Reimbursement
After the travel is concluded, the employee must complete the
reimbursement request form (white copy), attaching all receipt(s)
and indicating any moneys due to the college or to the employee.
The form and receipts are to be forwarded to the Business Office
for processing. If expenses exceed 10% of approved estimated
cost, the reimbursement request needs to be sent to his or her
supervisor for re-approval. The supervisor will then sign it and
forward it to the Business Office for processing.