Performance Review of Faculty

Faculty Performance Appraisal
Effective instruction is the core component of Alamance Community College’s mission. The College conducts a formal performance appraisal for all full-time faculty each year. The appraisal results are reviewed, signed and dated by the faculty member and his or her department head. The results are then forwarded through the appropriate associate dean to the executive vice president who reviews them and forwards them to the College’s Human Resources Office.

i) Full-time Faculty Appraisal
In addition to informal feedback that occurs throughout a semester, all full-time faculty are formally evaluated annually. Five sources of information are used for the appraisal. They are:
• Individual Assessment Plan
• Student evaluation surveys
• Self evaluation
• Supervisor evaluation
• Class observation by supervisor

Department heads meet individually with each full-time instructor under their direct supervision and review the results of the student evaluation survey, class observation by supervisor, self evaluation and supervisor evaluation. This information, along with the individual assessment plan, comprises the performance appraisal packet for each full-time faculty member. Associate deans follow the same procedure to evaluate department heads. Once appraisals are complete, the associate dean forwards all instruments to the Executive Vice President’s Office. After review, the executive vice president forwards all instruments to the Human Resources Office.
ii) Full-time Faculty Follow-up Procedures
Full-time faculty who receive a final appraisal summary rating of “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory” due to feedback and verification that classroom instruction is inadequate will be required to develop and submit a development plan in consultation with their department head and/or associate dean to improve classroom performance and effectiveness, identifying areas for improvement, strategies, and dates for completion.

Implementation of the plan will begin immediately. During the term, the supervisor will meet regularly with the instructor to assist in improving performance and to note progress. If poor performance continues past the dates listed in the plan, additional steps will be taken in accordance with college policy.

iii) Part-time Faculty Appraisal
In addition to informal feedback that occurs throughout a semester, all part-time faculty are evaluated annually by the department head. Two sources of information are used for the appraisal.

They are:
• Student evaluation survey
• Class observation by supervisor or his or her designee

iv) Part-time Faculty Follow-up Procedures
If the student evaluation survey and class observation are satisfactory, the results are disseminated to the instructor who is invited to schedule a meeting with the department head if he or she has concerns. If the evaluation results are unsatisfactory, the department head will work with the instructor to improve performance, observing additional classes as needed. On-going concerns will be discussed prior to re-employment.
v) Annual Timetable for Evaluations
The annual timetable below shows approximate dates for faculty and staff evaluations that may be modified at the discretion of the president.
• Last Week in February
Staff self-evaluations due to their immediate supervisors using the “Staff Performance Appraisal” form.
• First Week in March
Staff evaluated by immediate supervisors with discussions/reviews and comparison of self-evaluations.
Directors’ assessment plans (progress reports) due to vice president or president.
• Second Week in March
President’s evaluation form to the Board of Trustees.
• Third Week in March
Directors evaluated by vice presidents, or president.
Class observations completed.
Faculty self-evaluation due to department heads.
Faculty assessment plan due to department heads.
• Fourth Week in March
Faculty evaluated by department heads.
Department heads’ self-evaluation due to associate deans.
Department heads’ assessment plan due to associate deans.
• First Week in April
Vice presidents’ assessment plans (progress reports) and self-evaluations due to the president.
Department heads evaluated by associate dean.
Administrative Council self-evaluation due to executive vice president.
Administrative Council assessment plan due to executive vice president.
• Second Week in April
Administrative Council evaluated by executive vice president.
President evaluated by the Board of Trustees.
Vice presidents evaluated by the president.
All evaluations concluded.
• May 1
Notice of intention to offer or not to offer contract begins July 1 to employees.
• Second Week in July
Final assessment plans due to supervisors.

Revised January 2012