1. Vacation Leave

Instructional employees do not earn annual vacation leave and are not covered by the college vacation leave policy. Instructional employees are expected to be present for all scheduled classes, office hours, and workdays as prescribed by the college calendar and catalog. In addition, full-time instructors are expected to be present for other hours and days as may be necessary for the performance of their duties or any activity scheduled by the executive vice president or president.

2. Sick Leave

The college full-time instructional personnel sick leave policy on workdays is based on an eight-hour day with a one-hour minimum amount that can be taken. Instructional personnel who are absent a portion of the day will have the absence pro-rated by the number of hours scheduled to work on the date the absence occurs. An example of a pro-rated absence is outlined below. An instructor scheduled for six contact hours of instruction becomes ill after completing three contact hours of instruction and does not complete the three hours remaining. The instructor in this case would be charged 3/6 of eight hours or four hours of sick leave for the day. (Portions of an hour that are 0.5 or more are rounded off to the nearest hour.) Pro-rating sick leave on a percentage basis is applicable to full-time instructors only. Adjunct faculty are not eligible for paid sick leave and will not be paid for teaching hours that are missed and not made up.