Health and Safety Procedures

1. Accidents and Emergencies

a. Accidents

First aid kits are available in all labs and shops and at the switchboard desk. If a student, visitor, or employee should become sick or injured, college personnel will use their best judgment in evaluating the seriousness of the situation. If, in their opinion, the situation warrants it, the responding employee or supervisor will contact security and the switchboard of the college and ask that the Alamance County Rescue Squad be called to give aid and transport the person to a local hospital. In cases of medical emergency, the student and or visitor will be responsible for all costs associated with transport from the college to the local health care facility. Once the call has been placed requesting assistance from the Alamance County Rescue Squad, the switchboard operator should contact a member of the nursing faculty or other staff trained in providing first aid, if available. Additionally, the switchboard operator should notify a member of senior management.

b. Evacuation

All personnel should be familiar with the building and the most practical and accessible routes for evacuation in the event of an emergency. Emergency evacuation procedures maps are described in detail in the Health and Safety Manual.

2. Communicable Disease Policy

Alamance Community College is to provide a safe environment for students, staff, and general public in a nondiscriminatory manner. Employees and students who are known to have a medical disorder falling under this policy will not be discriminated against; however, Alamance Community College does have the responsibility for maintaining a safe environment for all those connected with the college.

Specific guidelines for HIV infection and AIDS have been developed for allied health programs and should be followed in the course of instruction, lab, and clinical situations.

a. Gloves should be available and worn by persons who may have contact with blood/body fluids.

b. Disinfectant should be available to clean areas of suspected contamination.

c. Persons in any environment should practice good hand-washing activities.