Full-time Faculty Workday Requirement

The standard annual hours for full-time instructional personnel are determined by the official class schedule and will consist of not less than 80 days per semester, plus registration days, assigned faculty workdays, the graduation ceremony, and any other day at the discretion of the president.

During the scheduled faculty workdays, the expectations are:

  • Faculty will be on campus, or off-campus on college business, a minimum of six hours.
  • Faculty will be available to attend pre-scheduled college meetings between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Faculty may use personal leave to be absent during a workday.

During the unscheduled days, the expectations are:

  • Faculty do not have to submit any paperwork to be absent from campus.
  • Faculty who work during unscheduled days do so on their own time and do not receive compensatory time.