Full-time Faculty Load Policy

1. Curriculum Faculty Load Policy (Full-time Faculty)

Teaching load: Full-time faculty will teach a minimum annual average of 18 credit hours or 20 contact hours per week per term with Cosmetology faculty teaching 24 contact hours. Faculty working full-time in the summer will teach a minimum of 12 contact hours per week. In addition, instructional personnel are expected to commit the time and effort necessary for a quality instructional program. Minimal expectations in addition to teaching are:

  • Attend all official meetings of the faculty and standing or ad hoc committees in which they are members.
  • Schedule and post on their office door five office hours per week. Office hour schedules are to be arranged by each associate dean to provide dispersal of office hours within the respective divisions throughout the day or evening.
  • Participate in registration day and/or evening.
  • Carry out any special assignment arranged by their associate dean, vice president, or president.
  • Attend the annual graduation ceremony.
  • Submit all records, reports, and grades by the established deadlines.
  • Be present on all non-teaching workdays identified as “workdays” in the administrative calendar in order to complete assignments as prescribed by supervisors.

2. Adjustments

a. Department heads will teach 3-20 contact hours per week per term depending on the number of instructors supervised. Teaching hours above this number will be compensated by overload pay. The formula is:

  • 16-20 contact hours for four or fewer instructors
  • 15-28 contact hours for 5-10 instructors
  • 12-15 contact hours for 11-15 instructors
  • 9-12 contact hours for 16-20 instructors
  • 6-9 contact hours for 21-29 instructors
  • 3-6 contact hours for 30 or more instructors

b. Faculty with four preparations and more than 100 students are eligible for a load adjustment down to 17 contact hours per week or reduced load in a subsequent semester during that academic year.

c. Distance learning courses earn the same hours as classroom-based courses provided that the distance learning guidelines are followed. The number of hours taught by distance learning is determined at the division level.

d. Supervision of co-op earns one contact hour for every three students, two hours for every six, and three hours for every nine enrolled.

e. Externship hours are calculated at 0.5 contact hour for each student enrolled.

f. Team teaching hours are based on the percentage of the class taught by the individual instructor.

g. Clinical hours count toward the load on an hour-for-hour basis.

h. Instructors approved by the associate dean to teach more than 20 credit hours or 24 contact hours per week, with 28 hours for cosmetology instructors, will receive overload pay on an hourly basis or a reduced load in a subsequent semester during that academic year. Exceptions must be recommended by the associate dean and approved by the executive vice president.

i. Continuing Education hour’s count the same as curriculum hours in determining load.

j. Department heads or instructors with supervision of live projects delivering services to customers will receive one to three contact hours per week applied toward teaching load upon approval by the associate dean.

k. Special assignments may result in a reduced teaching load. These and any deviations from this formula must be recommended by the associate dean and approved by the executive vice president.