Food and Drink Policy

1. Food Service

Hot food service and vending machine service is provided for students, faculty, and staff through a contractual agreement between a commercial food service firm and the College. The cooperation of students, faculty, and staff is requested to help maintain a clean food service area and litter-free classrooms.

2. Food in Classrooms

Food and/or drinks are permitted in classrooms and conference rooms at the instructor’s discretion except for designated laboratories and classrooms (where signs are posted) due to equipment or safety concerns. Faculty who permit food and drinks in the classroom must ensure that the room is left clean at the end of the class. Meals may be permitted for special events in rooms A238/A239 and selected conference boardrooms. Prior approval is needed from the appropriate supervisor or from the president’s office depending on the location.

Employees are permitted to have food and drinks in their offices as long as appropriate sanitary procedures are followed. No cooking devices will be allowed in any area except in those areas so designated. Brewing devices will be allowed only in areas that are occupied and someone is responsible for the maintenance and safe operation of those devices. Leftover beverages should be disposed in kitchen sinks or restrooms, not in trash receptacles.