Faculty Recruitment and Appointment Procedure

1. Recruitment

The college utilizes a wide range of activities to attract full and part-time instructional personnel. Position notices are advertised in local and regional newspapers, on the college web-site, and on the web-site of the North Carolina Community College System. The college also takes steps to attract minority and female applicants for instructional positions.

2. Employment

Full-time and adjunct faculty are employed under the Appointments to Employment Policy described in the Employee Handbook. Full-time instructional personnel are employed under Category II of the policy which states:

The Personnel Committee of the Board of Trustees will be responsible for approving, upon the recommendation of the president, the employment of all Category II personnel as defined. The Personnel Committee will report to the Board of Trustees the names and titles of all personnel so employed at the first board meeting following the employment.

Adjunct faculty are employed under Category III part C and D of the policy which states:

C. Part-time regular appointments are awarded to employees who meet the following criteria:

1. Employed in a part-time budgeted position that is expected to be funded on a continuing basis.

2. Works for up to 25 hours per week if non-faculty, or teaches less than three-fourths of a full-time teaching load.

3. Is selected and appointed based on all the requirements of the College’s employment procedures.

4. Receives a satisfactory evaluation at the end of the 12 month probationary period as described in the Probationary Period Appointment Policy.

D. Temporary appointments are for a limited, short-term period and for a specific purpose. These appointments can be salaried or hourly, full-time or part-time. They terminate upon expiration of the contractual period without expectation of extension or rehire. Such appointments are frequently written to fill positions that are mandated by temporary needs or special purposes. Employees in temporary positions must receive satisfactory evaluations at the end of the 12 month probationary period or period of employment if less than 12 months to be considered for rehire in the future.

3. Orientation

Orientation for new faculty occurs near the beginning of each semester. The Office of Human Resources, assisted by the members of the Professional Development Committee, coordinates orientation sessions. Orientation will be provided on an individual basis for those who cannot attend. A checklist of items discussed is filed in the employee’s personnel folder.

4. Transcripts

Applicants for instructor positions are required to furnish a copy of their transcripts of college credits as a part of the application process. As soon as possible after the applicant is notified of intent to employ, the applicant is required to provide official transcripts. Transcripts are sent to the office of the appropriate associate dean where they are reviewed and then sent to the Human Resources Office for filing.