Exams and Grading

The determination of a course grade for a student is the responsibility of the course instructor. Tests are one of many methods for evaluating student performance; however, a student’s course grade should not be based on a single test or examination.

A final exam period is scheduled for the fall and spring semesters. Final grades are due to the Records Office no later than 48 hours after each final exam and no later than the final due date posted in the semester calendar. The Alamance Community College General Catalog has a complete description of grading policies and procedures.

An “I” grade of incomplete is assigned only when a specific course requirement has not been met because of circumstances unavoidable by the student. Form ACC-10 specifying the work to be completed must be submitted with the grade roster. The work must be completed the following term and the grade changed using Form ACC-18. If this is not done, the “I” will automatically become an “F”.