All ACC employees, regardless of employment category, serve at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees.  Through the President or designee, the Board of Trustees issues employment contracts.  The employment contract (“Contract for Service”) constitutes the only agreement of employment and represents the entire period of employment.  In no instance is automatic continuation or reissuance of an employment contract specified or implied anywhere in any of its provisions.

In the employment contract, provisions for reasons other than cause allow for a 45-day notice of termination for employees in the professional classification.  For employees in other classifications, the provisions for termination without cause allow for a two-week notice of termination.  ***

Not later than 45 calendar days prior to the expiration of the employee’s regular contract, s/he will be notified in writing of the intent of the President or designee not to recommend to the Board of Trustees the tendering of a new contract for service for the subsequent employment period.  For a regular, fiscal-year employment contract, that date shall occur on or before May 15.  The 45-day notification does not apply to those situations where there is a bona fide financial exigency or discontinuation or reduction in a program.