Adverse Weather

V. Inclement Weather

A. Inclement Weather and Unexpected Conditions

1. During the year there is the possibility of unsafe weather conditions. When such a condition exists, the College may be:

(a) Closed for one or more days.

(b) Opened later than the normal starting time.

(c) Dismissed earlier than normal closing time.

1. Alamance Community College will announce no later than 6:15 a.m. if the College is opened, closed, or will open on a delayed schedule on local radio and television stations or by any other method made necessary by the circumstances. Official information will be given through the College’s switchboard. It is the responsibility of the employee to find out and monitor the status of the College.

2. The College offices and departments will remain open for the full scheduled workday unless authorization for early closing or other work schedule change is received from the President’s office. Notices of early closing will be given as far in advance as it is practical.

B. Inclement Weather Leave Policy

1. Employees who leave work before an official early closing time, as well as those employees who report for work late or do not report for work at all, will be required to use earned vacation, compensatory leave, or leave without pay for day(s) or hours taken.

2. When the College is officially closed due to inclement weather or other conditions, the resulting absence of personnel during scheduled work time is considered as administrative leave with pay. Employees who are on leave (i.e. vacation, sick, etc.) other than administrative leave at the time of closing will be considered to continue on such a leave.

3. Any employee required to work during such closings will receive one hour of compensatory time off for every hour of work. Hourly employees and adjunct faculty are not compensated when they do not work during a closing.

C. The college will make a concerted effort to make up any College closing or hours of instruction which are missed due to inclement weather or unexpected conditions. A variety of approaches will be utilized for this purpose including the following:

1.    Extending the length of the class sessions remaining in the semester.

2.    Attending classes on Friday nights.

3.    Attending classes on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

4.    Extending the length of the semester.

5.    Special arrangements made between instructor and students with the approval of the appropriate Dean or Associate Dean.

D. Arrangements other than those designated as the specific plan of makeup may be presented to the appropriate Dean or Associate Dean for his or her consideration. Exceptions may be made if the request does not appear to diminish the quality and requirements of the College’s operation.