Learning Resources Committee

The Learning Resources Committee assists with issues related to the Learning Resources Center (LRC).

The role of the committee is:

  • To assist the LRC staff in planning and evaluation to produce a balanced collection.
  • To plan, evaluate, and recommend policies governing access to and use of the center and its resources.
  • To assist in the planning and evaluation of short- and long-term goals, objectives, and activities for the LRC.
  • To evaluate annually the types of users and services provided by the LRC and recommend new or altered services or procedures where warranted.
  • To serve as a liaison between the LRC and its clientele.
  • To assist in planning and evaluating new services, procedures, equipment, and facilities.
  • To ensure through its efforts in planning and evaluation that all students and faculty have access to the primary and secondary materials needed to support the purpose and program of the College.